Celebrate our 5th Anniversary

Thanks for five great years

When we launched Evernote into public beta in June of 2008, we had two crazy goals: create an external brain that makes everyone smarter, and build a hundred year startup.

Five years is just the beginning. Whether you've been using Evernote for years or heard about us for the first time today, you're here at the start of the journey. Thanks for helping build Evernote.

We're off to a good start!

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Evernote helped my wife and I plan the perfect wedding. Everything - including conversations with florists, pictures, and receipts - went into our Shared Notebook. "Check Evernote" became a frequent saying when we were meeting with vendors, guests and families.

— Juan George, US
Juan George
Kristi Wllis

When I went freelance, Evernote become my go-to tool. I use it for client notes, managing projects, storing receipts, managing workflow with my assistant and more. I'm always on the road and have multiple computers/devices; Evernote is with me wherever I go.

— Kristi Wllis, Freelance Ambassador, US

I am an avid home brewer. Evernote helps me make the best beer possible. Not only can I keep track of recipes, mathematical formulas and important facts about beer making, but I can keep detailed notes of my brewing process for all of my beers.

— Terence Gardner, US
Terence Gardner
Soonsung Hong

Evernote was instrumental in helping me write three books. I used it to collect data, organize passages and search through the information I collected. With Evernote, I felt I could accomplish more. It's better than having a personal assistant!

— Mr. Soonsung Hong, Public Speaking Ambassador, Korea

As a CEO, I'm faced with daily meetings and being on the receiving end of tons of ideas. I have two phones, two tablets and two laptops for my day-to-day work. With Evernote, I can take notes and create action items for every meeting, as well as manage my data seamlessly across all of my devices.

— Wang Junyu, CEO of Wandoujia, China
Wang Junyu
Lindsey Holmes

Running a small business can be scary/ seem impossible at times, but Evernote has just made it so much easier.

— Lindsey Holmes, Entrepreneurship Ambassador, US
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