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Brand-new Business Home

The central place for knowledge within your company

Search for content across the Business Notebooks you have access to, and browse every note inside each notebook.

The new overview of each Business Notebook shows both the creator and what notes have been added recently.

People view shows you all the team members at your company who are part of your Evernote Business account.

Learn what your team members know by browsing their profiles and seeing what shared notebooks they've worked on recently.

Preview their shared notes, and once you've found information that's valuable to you, join any notebooks they're part of that you have access to.

Know what your colleagues know

Discover the information you're looking for and the experts at your company

When you search Evernote for content, you'll receive results from your account as well as any notes in your business you have access to.

With Expertise Discovery, Evernote Business will return search results with suggestions as to who at your company may know more about the topic you're interested in.

Once you've located someone at your company who may have the knowledge you're looking for, you can quickly access their shared notebooks with a single click.

Easier to create and share business content

Quickly add to your company's knowledge

When you create a new notebook, Evernote Business now automatically creates a Business Notebook by default.

If you've been collecting business content in a personal notebook, you can now convert it to a Business Notebook with a click.

Share in new and faster ways

Co-workers automatically see a Business Notebook in their own Evernote accounts as soon as you share it with them, making it easier for them to find important content and contribute to it.

You can also invite colleagues to multiple notebooks at one time, making it easy to share collections of knowledge quickly.

Right from within each note, you can now view who else it is being shared with.

Programmatic user management

System Administrators, this one's for you

Evernote Business now connects with your current directory management system, letting you invite or remove Evernote Business accounts right from within your existing Administrative console.

Services like Okta, the first provisioning partner fully integrated with Evernote Business, enable this simple user management in minutes.

Evernote Business for Salesforce

Discover, share and capture important information about your customers, and access this information from wherever you are, on any device

For salespeople: Evernote Business for Salesforce makes it easy for you to capture, share, and discover all the rich information that you need to deepen your understanding of your leads and act on opportunities in brand new ways.

For sales managers: Evernote Business for Salesforce lets you stay on top of activity within the opportunities your team is working on, and keeps you updated with all the rich information your team is collecting about your leads and contacts.

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