What are the limits of my Evernote account? Upload quota, note size, notebook count, and more?

If you use Evernote for your personal or work life, upgrade to Evernote Premium or Evernote Business for the best experience.



Account limits

Upload Quota

Any new uploaded note or any edited note counts towards your Evernote monthly account quota. Since the limit is on transfer of data, deleting notes does not free up quota. Quota resets monthly according to the date on which your account was created. You can check your upload usage for the current month from your Account Info, which is accessible on most devices by clicking on your username. If you are a Premium user and are running out of quota on a given month, you can pay to increase your quota for that month from your Account Settings. 

What counts as a "note upload"

Every time a note is edited, the entire note is re-uploaded and counts towards your quota. The following actions will re-sync a note, which will count toward your quota:

Increasing upload quota

Evernote Premium and Business users who reach their monthly upload quota have the option to buy additional quota for that month via Account Settings.


There is no limit to the long-term storage in any Evernote account


100,000 tags per account




Note Size

Maximum size of an attachment

Number of Notes

Tags per note





Number of personal notebooks


Number of joined notebooks and Business Notebooks (owned or joined)

Number of people joining a single notebook


Number of people joining a Public Notebook 


Number of Business Notebooks in an Evernote Business




Other Limits

Emails sent into your account

Emails sent from your Evernote account

When you share a note via email or send an invitation to join a shared notebook, each email going to a recipient counts as one email from Evernote.

Maximum  number of Saved Searches


Maximum number of Shortcuts