What are the limits of my Evernote account? Upload limits, note size, notebook count, and more?

If you use Evernote for your personal or work life, upgrade to Evernote Premium or Evernote Business for the best experience.

Account limits

What is an 'upload limit' (quota)?

Any time you edit and then sync your account, you transfer data to Evernote. Your upload limit is the amount of data you can transfer each month. This limit resets each month. 

Actions that result in data transfer include editing text inside a note, editing a file that's attached inside a note, or rotating or deleting a picture inside a note.

Current upload limits:

More about upload limits


How can I check my monthly usage?

You can check your monthly upload usage from your Account Info page (select account name, then select Account Info).

Evernote Premium and Evernote Business users who reach their monthly upload quota have the option to buy additional quota for that month via Account Settings.

Note limits

Note size

Maximum size of an attachment

Number of notes

Tags per note



Notebooks you can create

Number of personal notebooks


Number of business notebooks

10,000 per company account (Evernote Business)



Maximum participants per Work Chat:


Number of notebooks that can be shared with you:

Number of people you can share one personal notebook with*


Number of people you can share one business notebook with*


Number of people who can add a published notebook

5000 (Evernote Business)

Number of people you can share a public notebook with:



Note: If the shared notebook limit has been reached, the owner (or someone else with invite permissions) needs to stop sharing the notebook with some individuals before it can be shared with others. 

Other limits

Emails sent into your account

Emails sent from your Evernote account

When you share a note via email or send an invitation to join a shared notebook, each email going to a recipient counts as one email from Evernote.

Maximum  number of Saved Searches


Maximum number of Shortcuts



100,000 tags per account