Evernote for Salesforce FAQ

How much does Evernote for Salesforce cost?

Install Evernote for Salesforce at no cost.



What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer version 8+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers are supported.


I click the "Get Started" button but nothing happens.

Click the "Get Started" button inside Evernote for Salesforce to connect your Evernote and Salesforce accounts. If nothing happens, turn off the Pop-Up Blocker on your browser and try again.


How do I connect my Salesforce username and my Evernote username?

If you're using Evernote for Salesforce with a personal Evernote account, log into the Salesforce app using your Evernote account.

If you're an Evernote Business user and your Evernote Business administrator has set up Evernote for Salesforce, then your Salesforce account email address (different than contact email address) must match your Evernote account email address.

Check your Salesforce account email:

Check your Evernote account email:


Where can you access Evernote content within Salesforce?

Everything important to your business - meeting notes, ideas, tasks, photos, file attachments, and more can be added into Evernote notes. Find your notes inside Salesforce using the Search box and open any note just by clicking on it. You should also get Evernote on all your devices so you can view and edit notes anywhere.


How can a Salesforce administrator control who can link and unlink Evernote notes inside Evernote for Salesforce?

The Salesforce administrator adds an Evernote view into the page layouts for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. An individual user will only be able to see, add, and link notes that he or she has permission to view or modify inside Evernote.


Who can see and link my notes?

Personal Evernote for Salesforce users can only link their own notes and only they can see the linked notes.

Evernote Business users will only be able to find and view your notes if you share your notebook with them in Evernote. If you grant Can edit and invite access to your notebook, others will also be able to create links to your notes and add new notes.


Does Evernote affect Salesforce access privileges?

Salesforce permissions control what records a user has access to view. Evernote permissions control what notes a user has access to view. Neither Evernote nor Salesforce can change permissions for the other system. 


Who can see a linked note?

Personal Evernote for Salesforce users can only see their own linked notes. No one else can see these linked notes.

When an Evernote Business user links a note to a Salesforce record, the note becomes visible to all colleagues through the Evernote for Salesforce web interface. Users can open the note even if it's in an Evernote notebook that they do not have access to.


Will other users see linked notes in Search or Related Notes inside Salesforce? What about inside Evernote on their computer or mobile devices?

Linked notes are visible when viewing a record inside Salesforce. Unless you explicitly add a user to the shared notebook in which that note resides, the note will not appear in a user's search results, related notes, nor inside Evernote on their devices.


Why am I unable to link a certain note?

In order to link a note to a record, the owner of the notebook must grant you Can edit and invite access to a notebook. If you’re unable to link a note, it is because you either have Can view access or Can edit access. Find the owner of the notebook and ask for Can edit and invite access.


How come I no longer see a note linked to a record?

Someone unlinked a note, deleted a note from Evernote, or you no longer have access to the notebook containing that note.


What notes appear linked to Salesforce accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities?

Only the notes that you and colleagues manually link to a record will appear connected inside Salesforce. You will also see a batch of Related Notes, that are automatically suggested based upon the content of the record and the note.


Does the integration support custom objects in Salesforce?

Yes, if you have developed Salesforce Custom Objects to better suit your workflow, you can add Evernote to those panels. See this article for more details.


How often do changes made inside Evernote on a desktop or mobile device get updated to linked notes in Salesforce, and vice versa?

Notes are synced and updated every time you open or edit a note inside Evernote for Salesforce and Evernote on your web browser. Notes are synced every few minutes on mobile devices and computers.


When a Salesforce lead gets converted to an opportunity, what happens to the Evernote notes that were linked to the original lead?

Evernote notes linked to a lead will stay linked when it becomes an opportunity.


Does the integration support offline editing and access?

Definitely! Carry and edit all your Evernote notes offline with Evernote on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. Sync all your changes up to your Evernote account next time you’re online. Learn more about Offline Notes on mobile devices.


Can I see Evernote notes inside the Salesforce mobile app?

Evernote notes will not appear inside the Salesforce mobile apps.


Can I access my linked notes on my mobile device?

You can open and edit all your notes inside Evernote on all your devices, but you need to log into Salesforce on a computer in order to see which notes are linked to specific Salesforce records.


What’s the best way to see a list of recently linked notes?

Check your Salesforce Chatter feed to see a list of activity related to linked notes.


Why can’t Evernote Business users link or create notes inside personal notebooks?

If your Evernote Business has set up Evernote for Salesforce to work with all business users, all linked notes and new notes must be inside an Evernote Business notebook. If you want to create a link to a note inside your personal notebook, you’ll be prompted to copy that note into a Business Notebook. Notes inside personal notebooks are green and those inside Business Notebooks are gray with a briefcase icon.

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