The 2012 Evernote Trunk Conference

The 2012 Evernote Trunk Conference (ETC) was a full day of sessions, workshops and discussions designed to help you take advantage of the Evernote platform. Attendees learned how to kick off API projects, heard success stories from fellow entrepreneurs and discovered ways to improve your daily use of Evernote.

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  • State of the Platform

    See how the Evernote platform has grown over the past year, and get a preview of where we’re headed next.

  • Big Ideas for Small Business

    From meeting notes to receipts, travel itineraries to shared projects, see how some of our users are able to efficiently run their businesses using Evernote.

  • Getting in the Trunk

    The Evernote Trunk connects users with the apps that help them get more out of Evernote. Learn about what’s new with the Trunk, how to get your app listed, and how Evernote can help you promote it.

  • Rethinking Education

    Are you an educator or a student? In this session, teachers and students discuss ways to use Evernote for research, teaching, and learning.

  • Developer Showcase

    Teams who’ve worked with Evernote discuss how they built successful apps using the Evernote API. Hear their stories, and learn how to design and implement apps that work with Evernote.

  • Memorable Meals

    Learn how to use Evernote Food for remembering the tastiest moments in life, and see how Evernote helps capture and organize recipes, plan a foodie vacation, and more. Plus, get a peek into upcoming features!

  • Completing Your Thoughts

    Evernote, your external brain, is getting smarter every day. Mark Ayzenshtat, our Head of Data Products explains how we’re putting your notes to work for you.

  • Hobbyist's Guide to Evernote

    Enjoy crafting, backpacking, reading, or traveling? Learn ways to make your own unique hobbies more organized with Evernote, and hear tips from our Evernote Ambassadors across a range of interests.

  • Private by Design

    Unlike many popular web services, Evernote is primarily for a single user — you. Learn how we designed and implemented our web service and applications to ensure that your data stays private.

  • Creation and Design

    Capturing ideas, thoughts, inspirations and your own creations can be daunting. Lifestyle blogger Erin Souder and Design Ambassador Jenn Vargas will share ways that Evernote helps people create and share designs, creative projects and pursuits.

  • Inside Penultimate

    Penulatimate creator, Ben Zotto, shares his experience. Learn how the app was born and it’s transition to Evernote, from idea to implementation.

  • Brave New World of Adventure

    Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Startup, entrepreneur, and Evernote’s most traveled user, shares his experience with the art of nonconformity and how Evernote can enable the most adventurous of lifestyles.

Date and Location

August 24th, 2012

SFDC Concourse Exhibition Hall
635 8th St
San Francisco, CA

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