What’s New in Evernote Hello for iPhone and iPod Touch

It's faster, easier and more intuitive than ever to remember everything about the people you meet.

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Beautifully redesigned interface

Evernote Hello is better and more beautiful than ever, with a new user interface that helps you remember everyone you meet, quickly and easily. Capture every detail, including photos, notes, location, contact information and more.

New Interface
Home screen

Home screen

Browse your Hello Contacts chronologically on the new home screen to view your meeting history. The home screen displays quickly browsable information about each person, including name, when and where you met, and more. You can also tap any person to see the contact card with their detailed information.

Hello Connect

Turn on Hello Connect with a single tap to exchange information with multiple people instantly using audible tones or by manually entering a four digit number. Hello Connect lets even dozens of people add each other to Evernote Hello simultaneously.

Connect screenshot
Social integration screenshot

Facebook and LinkedIn integration

Connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and Evernote Hello will automatically import key information about everyone you meet from their online profiles, such as title, phone number, company, and more. All you need is an email address, and Evernote Hello will do the rest.

Business card scanning

Create Hello Contacts fast with the new business card scanning feature. Snap a person’s business card with Evernote Hello, and their name, phone number, email address, and other key information will be detected and saved automatically.

Enable Facebook and LinkedIn integration to also automatically import additional information from a person’s online profiles.

Business card scanning is a Premium feature, but is available for free for a limited time.

Scanning screenshot
Contact cards

Redesigned contact cards

Evernote Hello's redesigned contact cards are easier to browse than ever. Quickly review the contact information, photos, notes and more that you have collected about each Hello Contact to remember everything about them, anytime you need it.

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