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Introduction to Evernote

New to Evernote, or just want a quick overview of how you can use it to live better and work smarter? Here's a quick overview of how to get the most out of Evernote.

Introduction to Evernote

Get Evernote and your notes on all your devices

Capture and share everything that's important to you in a single, easily accessible place. Install Evernote on all your devices and your notes will stay up to date everywhere. Type a quick note or snap a photo on your phone and it will be waiting on your computer.

Evernote is available on any computer or device you use.

Create a note with text, photos, attachments, and more

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Save webpages

Save webpages forever, in your Evernote account using the Web Clipper. Whether you’d like to come back to an article, blog post, product, recipe, or hotel review, you can clip things from the web right into your Evernote account, where everything is searchable and accessible from any device.

Web Clips are saved in your account along with the original page URL, so you can always come back to the original page. Use the Web Clipper to: plan your wedding, comparison shop, create a recipe collection, a birthday wishlist, and more.

Manage tasks using Checklists and Reminders

Set a Reminder

Ensure that you complete tasks and projects in a timely manner with Reminders. Pin notes to the top of your note list and also add a timed alert to prompt you when the note is due, via in-app notifications, a badge on your mobile app or an opt-in email.

Create a checklist

Turn any list into a checklist that you can access from any device, computer or the web. Create checklists for work to-dos, packing lists, shopping lists, and more. Whenever you check off an item, the note will be updated to reflect changes in Evernote, everywhere.

How to organize notes and notebooks

Evernote lets you capture and organize information however you like: create multiple notebooks for different projects and areas of work and life, or use tags to organize notes for a work project, an upcoming trip, home inspiration, or gift ideas.

You might create a different notebook for each project, trip or collection of ideas.

Pro Tip

Once you've accumulated some notes, you can choose to link them together using Note Links. This is helpful if you are creating a table of contents, or want to add links to notes that all relate to a single project.

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How to find things in Evernote

The more you put into Evernote, the more useful it becomes. But how do you find what you're looking for, especially once you’ve accumulated a fair amount of notes?

Let’s say you only vaguely remember what you're looking for, like the name of a restaurant a friend recommended. Just search for the note using a few words related to what you remember (the city, friend's name, etc.), or by date of creation and other attributes.

To search, just enter keywords into the search box. Every note matching the keywords will display, so you can quickly narrow down what you’re looking for. Evernote can even search for text inside photos and documents.

How to email to/from Evernote

Searching inside email is hard. Searching inside Evernote is easy. Forward important emails, like trip itineraries, project scopes, and birthday wishlists, to your Evernote email address. Don’t know what your Evernote email address is? Find it in your Account Settings.

Add your Evernote email address to Contacts on your phone and desktop so you can quickly toss things into your Evernote account.

Pro Tip

You can specify a destination notebook for your email by appending the subject line with the symbol “@” followed by the name of an existing notebook. Add a tag by including “#” followed by an existing tag. If adding both notebook and tag information, be sure to include the notebook name first.

Share notes and notebooks

Evernote lets you capture and save what's important to you. Sometimes, you'll want to selectively share things with one person, a few people or the whole world. Evernote makes it easy to put things in and send things out.

You can:

  • Email a snapshot of the note
  • Share a link to the updated note on social networks, chat or through email
  • Selectively share entire notebooks with one or many individuals
  • Make a whole notebook publicly available or available to the entire company, if you’re using Evernote Business

Pro Tip

Present notes in full screen view using Presentation Mode. Premium users can collaborate on Shared Notebooks by granting modification rights to multiple individuals.

Take your notes offline

You can access all of your notes, even without an Internet connection, on Evernote for Mac or Windows. Once you have a connection again, any updates to notes that you've made when you were offline will sync to Evernote on all your devices.

If you are a Premium user, you can choose to take one or more notebooks offline on your mobile devices. This way, you can access your notes, even when you're out of range. You can turn notebooks into Offline Notebooks from your Account Settings.

Password protect your account

You’ll save a lot of valuable memories and information in your Evernote account: your business plan, receipts, your kids’ art projects. Passcode Lock is an Evernote Premium feature that gives you an additional level of security on your mobile device. It isn’t just great for peace of mind, but is also useful if you have a device that you share with others. You can turn on the Passcode Lock (or PIN Lock) from the Account Settings in Evernote on your mobile device.