How to use the Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus with Penultimate


The Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus has been specially designed for use with Evernote’s Penultimate app to provide people with one of the most elegant solutions for taking handwritten notes with digital devices. Built into this stylus is Adonit’s PixelPoint™ technology which provides enhanced precision and wrist protection features when used with Penultimate.

Simple & Intuitive – Taking notes during a class lecture, a meeting, or an interview using the Jot Script stylus and Penultimate is as close as you can get to writing with pen and paper. And because you sign into Penultimate with your Evernote account, you‘ve got the added ability to search and access notes from any device.

Amazing Precision – The specially designed, fine-point Jot Script stylus combined with Penultimate's zoom and Drift features enables artists and designers to create detailed sketches and drawings that can be easily saved, organized, and shared with others.


Before you connect your stylus, there are a few things you need to prepare.

Get ready to connect

Before you can connect your Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus, check the following:

Confirm that you’ve have Penultimate 5.0 (or later) running on a compatible iPad device. To find out which version of Penultimate you have installed, tap your Account Name and General Settings page, and select About.

Access Penultimate Settings image
Check Penultimate version

Enable Bluetooth on your iPad. To enable Bluetooth on your iPad, go to the iPad Settings page or the iPad Control Center.

bluetooth enabled
bluetooth enabled

Make sure the batteries are working properly. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to remove the small clear protective tab in the battery compartment for the stylus to work properly.

stylus and battery


Now try connecting your Jot Script stylus to Penultimate.

Connect Your Jot Script Stylus

Connecting your Jot Script stylus to Penultimate for the first time

To connect your Jot Script stylus to Penultimate for the first time, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Tap your Account Name and select General Settings from the drop down menu.

    Access Penultimate Settings image
  2. Select Jot Script Evernote Stylus Setup from the Settings page. Penultimate will immediately try to connect to the Jot Script stylus and a page should appear that notifies you that Penultimate is listening for your stylus.
  3. Press the sync button on the stylus to turn it on. The indicator light should turn green, then start flashing as it attempts to connect to Penultimate. The green light stops flashing once your stylus has successfully connected.

    Sync button on styus
  4. If the connection is successful, a page will appear to let you know your stylus has been connected properly. After you see the green light appear, you’ll have an opportunity on this page to test the stylus out. Wait a few seconds after this page appears before testing the stylus.

    Stylus is connected notification

Jot Script connection notification

Should you close and reopen Penultimate later, your Jot Script stylus should automatically re-connect and the “Jot Script connected” notification will appear briefly in Penultimate at the top of the screen.

Jot Script Connected banner

What the LED lights mean

The LED indicator on the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus uses different colored lights to let you know whether your Jot Script is on, attempting to connect, or has turned itself off.

To turn the Jot Script stylus on (or to check if the stylus is on), press the sync button once.

Green light indicator

Soon after it’s turned on, the green light starts flashing, indicating that the stylus is trying to connect to your iPad.

Flashing light indicator

To conserve battery life, the indicator turns off after the stylus is properly connected. To check if the stylus is properly connected, press the sync button at any time.

To stop the connection process, simply press the button again.

Red light indicator


Next, it's a good idea to test to see if your stylus is connected properly.

Test Your Stylus Connection

Use the following checklist as a way to make sure your stylus is properly connected to Penultimate:

  • Penultimate is running on a compatible iPad

    Adonit’s PixelPoint technology which provides added precision and wrist protection is currently only compatible with the following iPads running iOS 6.0 or later: iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad Mini.

  • You're running the latest version of Penultimate

    For the Jot Script stylus to work properly, you must be running Penultimate version 5.0 or later on a compatible iPad. To find out which version of Penultimate you’ve got installed, open Penultimate, tap your account name, select General Settings from the drop down menu, and select About.

  • You’ve enabled Bluetooth

    To enable Bluetooth on your device, go to your iPad Settings page or the iPad Control Center.

  • The battery in the stylus is new or fully-charged

    A battery should last a very long time in the stylus. If you have a brand new stylus, you’ll need to remove the clear plastic tab in the battery compartment of the stylus in order for it to work properly.

  • The indicator on my stylus is green when I hold down the stylus sync button

    If the green light is blinking, your stylus is waiting to be paired. To re-establish the connection, select Jot Script Evernote Stylus Setup under Penultimate's General Settings and follow the steps described in "Connect your Jot Script stylus."

  • When I leave Penultimate and reopen it, the "Jot Script connected" notification at the top of the screen appears briefly

    If your Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus is connected properly, this notification appears when you open a Notebook in Penultimate and when you first connect your stylus to Penultimate from the General Settings page.Jot Script connected banner

  • In portrait position, when I draw a line across the screen, then draw a line with my finger within three seconds, the finger stroke produces no marks on the page

    Run this simple test to check stylus priority. When the Jot Script stylus is connected properly, Penultimate gives priority to anything written using the stylus and briefly ignores any strokes created by your finger or any other device. So, if no marks are produced within three seconds of using the Jot Script stylus, it’s a good indicator that the stylus is properly connected.

For more details, please visit Adonit’s Jot Script FAQs support page.


Now that the stylus is connected, learn how to use Penultimate zoom & Drift features.

Using Zoom & Drift

Penultimate 5.0 and later versions come with the ability to zoom and Drift so you can get a close-up view of an area of the page for more detailed writing or sketching.

Zooming in and out of a page

To zoom in, use the two-finger, expand gesture to zoom in on a particular area on the page Zoom in

To zoom out, use the two-finger, pinch gesture to zoom out of the page and return to a full-page view Zoom out

Using Drift

With Drift enabled, you’ll notice that as you begin to write, the page automatically drifts towards the left of the screen. The faster you write, the faster the page drifts. Drift adjusts to your writing speed and slows down when it you’re near the edge of a page.

Drift tools
  • To keep the page “locked” in place: Tap the Anchor button found on the toolbar. This is useful when you want to keep the page in a particular position for more detailed writing or edits. With the anchor in place, the page stops drifting, but you can move manually to any area on the page by sliding two fingers on the screen. Simply tap the Anchor button again so the page can start drifting again from wherever you start writing.
  • To view a specific area on the page: Firmly touch the screen with two fingers and slide across the screen in any direction towards the area you’d like to focus on. Any text or strokes already on the page will appear faintly in the background to give you a context for where you are on the page.
  • To quickly move to a new line on the page: Tap the Next Line button located on the left edge of the page. This is a quick way to reposition the page so you can start writing a new line of text. This works much like a Return key does on a computer keyboard.

    Next line button

    Option: Another way to reposition the page for a new line of text is to firmly press down on the screen with two fingers and flick to the right of the screen.


For more information about the Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus or Penultimate, see the next section on FAQs and Resources

FAQs & Resources


Jot Script doesn’t appear to be functioning at all, why?

Your Jot Script stylus must be turned on in order to function. To turn the Jot Script stylus on, just hold the button down until you check if a green LED light comes on. If this doesn’t work, review the checklist of steps to connect the stylus to Penultimate.

Why can’t I write with the Jot Script stylus and my finger simultaneously?

When the Jot Script stylus is properly connected, Penultimate gives priority to the stylus and ignores anything else that touches the screen. This makes it easier for people who like to rest their hands on the screen while writing.

Is there any way for me to switch between my Jot Script stylus and my finger when writing?

Yes. Penultimate, by default, ignores anything else that touches the screen when it detects that you’re using the Jot Script, but gives you the option to switch to using your finger. To use your finger to write, simply wait three seconds after using your stylus before you start writing or drawing in Penultimate.

In zoom mode, why do strokes seem to appear and disappear intermittently on the screen when I use finger gestures to reposition the writing area on a page?

When Penultimate detects any user interaction on the screen, it needs to quickly determine whether that individual is writing or is repositioning the writing area on a page. For this reason, you may notice some strokes briefly appear while Penultimate attempts to process these interactions.

Will Drift work with other styluses?

Drift can be enabled at any time, whether you are using a stylus or a finger to write. The advantage of connecting a Jot Script stylus to Penultimate is the added precision and wrist protection. Make sure your stylus is running on a compatible iPad, running iOS 6.0 or later.

Why doesn’t the page seem to be drifting as I write?

Check to see that you have enabled Drift by following the steps described earlier. Also, make sure that the Anchor button is switched off (appears as a gray icon when turned off). Tapping the Anchor button temporarily stops the page from drifting until you tap the Anchor button again.

What other apps does the Jot Script stylus Evernote Edition work with?

The Jot Script stylus should work with any app, but has been specially optimized for Penultimate, so you can take advantage of the precision writing that Adonit’s PixelPoint™ technology offers. Learn more on Adonit’s Jot Script FAQ page.

How do I turn the stylus off?

You don't need to turn off the stylus. It automatically shuts itself off after two minutes of idle time. Because the stylus only turns on when it is being used, battery life is conserved.

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