What’s New in Skitch for Android

An even better app with new tools and seamless Evernote integration

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A clean new home screen

Your doorway into the app is the new home screen. The design is simple, clean and informative, letting you quickly choose your next move. If you see something that inspires you, choose to snap a photo, then mark it up and save it for later. If you want to point something out on a map, choose that option and send it to a friend. You can also mark up a webpage or start with a blank canvas.

Android home screen

All new tools

Pixelate tool hides private information


The new Pixelate feature is a great way to quickly obscure a part of an image that may contain personal or sensitive information. Take a photo or choose one from your gallery, tap the Pixelate tool and drag it across the section of the image that you want to hide. Now you can annotate and share an image without worrying that others will be able to read sensitive information in it.


Sometimes when you need to emphasize something, the best way is to use a highlighter. That’s why we created the new highlighting tool. Choose the highlighter, a color and line thickness, then start drawing. The lines appear just like a highlighter on paper, allowing you to clearly see the background objects.


The left-most option on the toolbar is the Panning Tool. It lets you select, move and resize annotations. After you finish adding a shape, text or arrow, the Panning Tool is automatically selected, so that you can easily adjust the object.

Android toolbar

Evernote integration

A screenshot of Evernote showing Skitch Notes filter.

At the bottom of the home screen, you’ll see a button labeled Show Skitch Notes. When you tap, you’re immediately shown all of the Skitch Notes that you have saved. What you may not realize is that you’re viewing these Skitch Notes inside of Evernote, which means that everything is kept synchronized across all of your computers and devices. We also added a Skitch Notes section to the home screen of the Evernote app to let you quickly jump to those notes. Plus, now that Skitch is available with full sync on Mac and iOS you’re able to edit and reposition the annotations in Skitch Notes created in the latest versions of Skitch on other devices by simply tapping on the objects you want to change.

And so much more

We’re really excited to bring you this new version of Skitch. Not only is it cleaner, faster and better than ever, but also thanks to all of the new Evernote cross-platform capabilities it’s truly a full member of the Evernote family. Let us know what you think.

To learn more, read the new Guide to Skitch for Android.