Evernote Web Clipper

Clip, annotate, and share everything you find on the web

These features are now available on Chrome browser.

Clip articles, bookmarks, and more

Capture articles to read later

The Evernote Web Clipper detects articles on each page and creates a beautiful rendering of it inside your Evernote account.

Simplified articles

Strip away clutter to display a better reading experience. Read articles distraction-free now, or save them for later browsing.

Bookmark your favorites

Don’t want to save the entire page? Clip just the URL, an image, or the selection of text that you need, so you can return to the page later.

Take screenshots in your browser

Capture the most important part of a page and share or save it. The text in images is searchable in Evernote so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Annotate and set Reminders

Crop and pixelate

Show just the important details by cropping the page and pixelating any personal information.

Add annotations

Communicate more effectively by adding drawings, text, and shapes to show others what to focus on.

Set Reminders for web clips

Clip a page you want to revisit and set a Reminder to pin it to the top of your note list. Add an alarm to receive an email or notification when the note is due.

Organize and share how you want

Organize your web clips

New icons and labels make it easy to view which personal or business notebooks you’re saving to. Edit the title, add remarks, and adjust how the clip is organized.


Instantly share any article via email, social networks, or a public note URL that anyone can access from a browser.

Set your preferences

The Web Clipper remembers your most recent selections and picks it by default the next time you clip a page.

Enjoy smart filing

The smart filing option learns from your clipping and automatically selects the notebook and tags for your clip.