What’s New in Web Clipper for Chrome

Clip, mark up, and share everything you find on the web

All your clipped web pages will save to Evernote

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Clip simplified articles, bookmarks, screenshots, and more

Capture articles to read later

The Evernote Web Clipper will automatically detect the article on a page and create a beautiful rendering of it inside your Evernote account. You can expand or shrink the selection using the grab bars.

Clip simplified articles

Enjoy a better reading experience on your favorite blogs and news sources. The simplified article option clears away everything but the content so you can read it now without distractions or save it to Evernote for later browsing.

Bookmark your favorites

Want to remember a site without clipping the entire page? Bookmark a URL, one image, and a snippet of text, so you can return to the page later.

Take screenshots in your browser

Capture the most important part of a page, crop it, and save it, or share with friends and colleagues. All text inside the image is searchable in Evernote so you can find what you're looking for, fast.

Mark up a page

Add text, shapes, stamps, and drawings

Communicate quickly and effectively by adding drawings, text, and shapes to screenshots of webpages.

Crop and pixelate

Show only the most important details by cropping the page and pixelating anything you don't want to draw attention to.

Share clips

Instantly share any article via email, social networks, or a public note URL that anyone can access from a browser.

New sidebar design

Beautiful list of tools

The new sidebar design displays the Clip, Markup, File, Share and other options alongside the page you're reviewing without blocking any of the content so you can read, organize, and revisit relevant content from one screen.

Organize your web clips

A window displays all organization options and makes it easy to edit the clip title, add your comments, and adjust the organization options. New icons and labels make it easier to view which notebooks are personal or Evernote Business.

Set Reminders for web clips

Clipping a web page for an event or something you want to keep track of? Clip it and set a Reminder so the note is pinned to the top of your note list. Add an alarm to receive a popup message on your devices and an optional email when the note is due.

Personalized experience

Enjoy smart filing

The smart filing option learns from your patterns to automatically fill out the notebook and tags for your clip based on your previous clipping behavior.

Set your preferences

Do you tend to clip an article, a full page, or simplified article? The Web Clipper will remember your most recent style and select it by default next time you clip a page.

Customize settings

Customize Web Clipper options and easily switch between multiple accounts.

Start using Keyboard shortcuts

Advanced users who are looking to capture and organize their web clips more efficiently can do so with new keyboard shortcuts.