Work Smarter with Evernote

Whether you work on your own or as part of a team, Evernote helps you be more productive.

A few ways to use Evernote for work

Use Case 1

Collect ideas and inspiration in one place

Save project inspiration you find online and in the real world. Snap a photo, record audio, clip entire webpages.

Use Case 2

Collect data in any format, put it all in one place

Save all kinds of information (documents, handwritten notes, audio, images) in one place. Record meetings, store files, save receipts, scan contracts, and store business contacts.

Use Case 3

Work from anywhere, on any device

Access all your information from any device where you have Evernote installed, as well as by logging into your account on the web.

Use Case 4

Organize projects and to-do's to get more done

Create a digital file cabinet for all of your projects, documents and to-dos; add multiple layers of organization using Notebooks, Notebook Stacks, and tags.

Use Case 5

Share knowledge with team members or company-wide

Share your notes with a collaborator or team and make your knowledge accessible to anyone by sharing it company-wide using the Business Library.

Use Case 6

Find what you need, when you need it

Find what you need, fast. Search by keyword or tag and quickly find what you're looking for (even typed and handwritten text inside of attached photos, images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations).

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Work by yourself?

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Work with a team?

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