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5 Reasons to Get Evernote on Your Desktop

There are millions of people out there who only use Evernote on their phone. And that’s fine. We’re overjoyed that so many of you rely on the mobile app to capture your thoughts and stay organized. But the truth is, when we dreamed up Evernote, we had something more in mind.

Evernote syncs notes between devices. That’s kind of its thing. We want you to have everything that’s important to you at your fingertips no matter where you are or what you’re doing. When you don’t have to worry about where you saved things, you can be more productive. Then you can focus on the creative, personal, or professional task at hand.

That’s one reason to get Evernote on your computer. But that’s not all.

There are also some really cool features that are only available on desktop, or are just better on the big screen. Here are a few things you might not know you can do with Evernote on your computer:

1. Attach documents

Evernote on Desktop Attachments

Most people have a whole bunch of important documents in random folders on their desktop. This works up to a point, but it falls apart when you get too busy to be vigilant with your filing. There is an answer! Drag important documents into Evernote so you can keep them in context with related notes. You can even draw and write on PDFs to call attention to the important bits. Best of all, you’ll be able to access these documents anywhere you have Evernote installed, like on your phone.

  1. Organize with tables

Tables in Evernote

Tables are a useful way to structure information. A lot of people use them to visually categorize notes and to-do lists. They’re also great for project management. Designers at Evernote love to use tables to organize images with contextually relevant notes and comments. Start playing around with tables and see how much clearer your notes become.

3. Present ideas

Presentation Mode

The reality is that a lot of work is “work in progress.” Spending hours formatting ideas into presentations can be a huge waste of time. Sometimes you just want to have something you can point to that will facilitate a conversation. Evernote’s presentation feature does the grunt work for you. Throw your talking points, charts, and images into a note and then hit the presentation icon. Your note will instantly be formatted into a clean, clutter-free presentation.

  1. Clip articles from the web

Web Clipper on Evernote for Desktop

When you find a gem online, you should keep it. The web changes constantly; don’t trust the internet to be the same tomorrow. Add the Web Clipper extension to your browser and you can clip articles, recipes, confirmations and more from the web. You can clip articles with your phone too, but the desktop clipper gives you the ability to save as a simplified article, which cuts all the ads from the page. You can also save the full page or just a bookmark.

5. Sync your notes

Note Syncronization

This isn’t technically something you can only do on desktop, but it does take two (or more) to tango. Pause for a moment and imagine: All the important information you collect and develop on your computer is available on your phone. Every time a thought pops into your head, wherever you are, you can just open your notes and update them. Whenever you have a new idea you can write or record it to Evernote on your phone, and it will be there for you next time you’re on your computer. It’s like a never ending stream of productive awesomeness. It gives us chills.

If you haven’t already, go download the free Evernote for desktop and give it a try.

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