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6 Signs You May Be in Love with Evernote

Your relationship with Evernote is getting serious. Take the next step. How do you know when it’s time to put a ring on it? There are a lot of compelling reasons to upgrade to Evernote Premium, and they’re as unique as the ways you use it. How do you know when the time is right?

1. You want Evernote with you wherever you go.

The free version of Evernote lets you sync across two devices. For most people, that means a computer and a phone. But what if you want it on your home computer, work computer, work phone, personal phone, and your tablet? If you depend on Evernote to keep you synced everywhere, Premium lets you add it on unlimited devices.

Pro tip: Accessing your account from the web on any computer doesn’t count toward your devices, but there are more fish in the sea. Why limit your options? You can do a lot more with the desktop or mobile app. So be sure to install the Evernote on all your devices.

2. You’re putting more and more of yourself into Evernote.

Evernote isn’t the garage where you store old stuff you might need someday. Evernote is more like a personal search engine to help your information stay vibrant and relevant to your life every day. That being said, the free version of Evernote caps your uploads per month at 60 MB. If you’re hitting your quota early, it’s time to upgrade. With Premium, you get a 166 times more room every month for ideas, thoughts, photos, or whatever your heart desires.

3. You’re torn between your passion for PDFs and your love for Evernote.

PDFs and Microsoft Office documents come from everywhere. Contracts, scripts, user guides, white papers and studies, and ebooks arrive via email or the web daily. Send them to Evernote to read later, but if you need to find something within a PDF or an Office document—say, a quote, or a phrase—you need Premium to help you search. And if you mark up PDFs to highlight sections, draw, edit, or annotate them, Evernote Premium will let you do that.

4. It’s time for Evernote to meet your friends and colleagues.

Everyone has and hands out business cards, and nobody wants to keep or organize them. With Evernote Premium, you can not only scan those cards, but they’ll automatically save to your contacts. What you do with the physical card after that is up to you.

5. You and Evernote want to deepen your communication.

You already rely on Evernote to help you find the stuff you’ve saved, but things get even better when Evernote suggests other notes related to your search. If you’re writing a paper about Thomas Jefferson, for example, and you’re searching for your notes, Evernote Premium will remind you that you’ve clipped a few articles about him and that cool rap from Hamilton, too.

Pro tip: With Evernote Premium, you also get support via chat and email.

6. You’re willing to be in a long-distance relationship with Evernote.

If you find yourself using Evernote without internet access, having Premium can be a money-saver. Premium lets you download notebooks you use often, so you don’t need internet to consult your notes. If you add anything to a note while disconnected, Evernote will sync it back up when you connect.

Ready to take the plunge? Upgrade to Evernote Premium today.

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