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9 Different Ways To Save Stuff in Evernote

If you think that Evernote is a good place for taking notes, you’re right. But if that’s all you do with it, you’re missing out. Evernote can be your go-to tool for organizing your whole life, but first, you have to get it in there. Here are nine different ways to start.

1. Drag and drop

The easiest way to save documents, images, or other files on your computer to Evernote is to simply drag and drop them. If you drop them into the note list, Evernote saves each file as a new note. Or you can attach files to an existing note by dropping them right in. See our quick tutorial on adding content to Evernote for Windows and Mac.

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2. Save emails to Evernote

Did you know your Evernote account includes an email address? Save that address as an email contact, then forward important messages to add them to Evernote. It’s an easy way to organize email conversations alongside notes related to the same topic.

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3. Google Drive, Meet Evernote

Many Evernote fans also love Google Drive. What’s not to love? You have an entire office suite at your fingertips, and it’s easy to use from virtually anywhere. Best of all, Evernote and Google Drive work together.

Try this: Copy a Google Drive link into a note and watch it turn into an elegant little box that tells you exactly what it represents. No more guessing what’s at the other end of the link.

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4. Take a picture, it lasts longer

Say you’re on the go and you see a poster advertising a show you want to catch. You could write down the details on a napkin. Or, you could snap a picture with Evernote. Add a reminder to the note so you don’t forget to call for tickets.

The Evernote camera works like a portable scanner, only better. When you save a photo containing text in Evernote, you can find it later by searching for any word in the image.

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5. Want to save something from the web? Clip it.

When you’re surfing through dozens (or hundreds) of websites every day, it’s easy to forget the valuable things you’ve found. That’s where Web Clipper can be a lifesaver.

Web Clipper is a browser extension that lets you save full-page articles, or just the bits of information that are important to you, directly to Evernote.

And if you’re clipping pages from Amazon, LinkedIn, or YouTube, Web Clipper automatically saves the good stuff and cuts any sidebars or irrelevant information.

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6. IFTTT and Zapier: Evernote with a magic wand

Do you want to collect all your social media posts over time in one place? Automatically sort your daily email into notebooks? Collect receipts? All of that and more is possible when you use Evernote with IFTTT and Zapier. Once there, you can put that information to work—set reminders, track your expenses, manage your to-do list, and more.

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7. Capture spoken and written words together

Imagine being in a meeting or lecture, and you want to focus on every word the speaker says, but you still need to take notes. It’s not an impossible task. You can record audio in Evernote, and type your own notes alongside — either in real time or when you review the recording later.

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8. Multitask with Slack

Does your company use Slack for private chats or group conversations? If so, you should know that you can create notes, find existing notes, and clip conversations while you’re working in Slack. Your notes remain private to you—until you’re ready to share them.

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9. Talk to Siri

If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad then you’re already friends with Siri, Apple’s helpful and sometimes sarcastic personal assistant. Did you know Siri can take notes for you, too? Just tell Siri what you want to remember in Evernote, and speak your command. Create a note, add to an existing one, or use your voice to search for what your need from within your notes. You can use Evernote with Apple Watch, too.

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