Addicted to Apps? Here’s How to Make it Work

One of the comments we’ve heard from customers is that they want to be able to access their Evernote content from within their other digital tools.

It makes sense. We recently partnered with data analytics firm YouGov for a U.S. survey, and found that 65 percent of workers use up to nine different apps every day. And now that Bring Your Own App (BYOA) is revolutionizing IT, it’s no surprise that customers expect the apps they love to work together seamlessly.

But here’s the problem: When your apps don’t play well with each other, getting your work done can be… well, a lot of work.

Different apps create information silos, where each tool only has part of what you need. So you struggle to stitch it all together, using emails, copy and paste, countless open tabs, and dozens of chat channels. And the result? You lose up to 40 percent of your most productive time jumping between apps to get things done.

Statistics for information overload in the workplace.Integrations to the rescue

Integrations are the bridges between your apps, allowing them to communicate with each other and share information. This exponentially increases the value of your data by helping you leverage it in new, creative ways.

Over the years, Evernote has made productivity easier by building integrations with a host of powerful apps, including Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Google Drive, Slack, and many others. Now we’ve added another big name to that list.

Microsoft Teams is the hub in Office 365 where teams can chat, share documents, have video meetings, and move projects forward. Evernote for Microsoft Teams brings your notes into the context of your Teams conversations, so you can access and reference specific notes—without having to leave the Teams experience.

As businesses, Evernote and Microsoft share a common purpose: helping people work better together. And the best way we can honor that mission is by joining forces to help you achieve more. We believe in empowering our customers to use the tools they love, because tools and technology can boost productivity and help your team succeed.

What does “playing well with others” mean to us? Check out our recent Q&A with Microsoft’s Mansoor Malik and our own Leo Gong to find out more.

With this integration, you can seamlessly share, pin, edit, and search your Evernote Business notes from within Microsoft Teams. This helps you work without interruption and keeps everyone on the same page.

4 ways to use Evernote for Microsoft Teams

With Evernote for Microsoft Teams, you can access and share your Evernote content without leaving the discussion in Teams. This enables your entire team to be more organized and productive, from brainstorm to execution.

Here are four ways Evernote for Microsoft Teams can make your life easier today:

  1. Collaborate
    Share your Evernote Business notes in a Teams channel to collaborate on projects and turn any conversation into a working session in a snap.Get the ball rolling by capturing your thoughts in a note, then share it in a Teams channel. As the team provides their input, you can add to your note to keep a record of the decisions you make, and watch your plans come to life in real time.
  2. Share
    One click lets you search and share anything including meeting minutes, handwritten notes, whiteboard images, offline documents, and more.Answering the same questions again and again costs you valuable time. Keep a note with frequently asked questions pinned to a Teams channel so that everyone has easy access to the answers they need.
  3. Communicate
    With all your information organized and captured, you can turn a chat into a productive brainstorm by pinning an Evernote Business note to a conversation for the team to edit and view.With teams distributed across time zones and continents, it’s crucial for high performing teams to find a way of keeping everyone on the same page. Sharing an Evernote Business note in a Teams channel is one of the most effective ways of making sure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the overall effort.
  4. Organize
    Create and organize new Evernote Business notes from emails and attachments with the Microsoft Outlook plugin with just one click.Email is still an indispensable business tool. Evernote for Microsoft Teams tames your inbox and keeps vital information from falling through the cracks.

The partnership between Evernote and Microsoft Teams helps you give conversations more context, turn ideas into action, and see where better collaboration can take you.

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