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Announcing Serge 1.3

Those who have read Evernote Tech Blog in the past may already know what Serge is. It is an open-source tool that we developed to continuously localize all Evernote clients and marketing materials into 25+ languages. Today, we’re marking a new release which accumulates numerous improvements across the board. If your team is seeking for ways to optimize localization process and free developers from a repetitive work of exporting resources and merging translations back, give Serge a go!

Here are some of the 1.3 release highlights:

  • One can now parse HTML embedded as values in a JSON wrapper document. HTML inside JSON seems to be an exotic file format, but as developers these days more and more favor JSON as a universal exchange format, it turns out some tools that need to export HTML-formatted content along with some metadata prefer a JSON+HTML solution. Now Serge supports such documents. In general, since all parser support is externalized into reusable plugins, one can write nested parsers for Serge without sweating much.
  • Qt Linguist .TS file format support has been greatly improved. Serge now uses a proper validating XML parser for it, and can extract context information (through multiple document levels), as well as developer comments.
  • serge import (a tool to do one-off import of previously translated documents into Serge) can support any types of files, even if the file format doesn’t have a notion of a string key.

See the release changelog in GitHub for the full list of changes. If you have localization challenges you want to discuss, chat with us on Gitter.

Localization can actually be fun!

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