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Anatomy of a Healthy SaaS Business

We recently announced that Evernote is cash flow positive and in control of our financial destiny, which is a huge milestone in the evolution of the company. Since that news broke, we have received a humbling outpouring of support from our global community, including questions about what lessons we’ve learned along the way. We’ve spent a lot of time over the past year and a half thinking about what makes

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Make Yourself Note-able

Each year at high school graduation time, as another freshly-minted generation of teenagers begins adulting, I always reflect on two memories that have stayed with me from my graduation: The cringe-worthy pictures of the overly-gelled hair that I sported for much too long. Thanks, Julie Greenspoon for still going to Freshman Homecoming with me! The moment when the principal announced that I would be attending Harvard and my precalculus teacher

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