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Why Journaling Is Good for Your Mental Health

When you were a teenager, maybe you kept a diary filled with your deepest thoughts, feelings, and fears. It’s easy to think of journaling as something that belongs to the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter your age, a journal is a safe space where you can express your thoughts and emotions, free from judgment or scrutiny. It can even help improve your mental health.

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How to Write Effective Meeting Minutes

If you’re the one responsible for keeping track of company meetings, here’s everything you need to know about writing effective meeting minutes.

11 Ways to Save Stuff in Evernote

Photos, emails, Slack conversations, web clips, audio, and more: Whatever your style, there’s a way to save the things you care about to Evernote.

How to Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

If you need an extra boost of productivity in your daily life, try these strategies to trick your brain into working a little faster than usual.