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Q3 Roundup: Making it Even Easier to Get More Done

Since our last update, we’ve been working hard on a host of features and shipped a ton of enhancements that will help you organize your life and accomplish more. Here’s a brief look at some of the changes. Drag tags into your note Tag your notes quicker! Simply drag a tag from the sidebar or the tags menu directly into a note to apply it to that note. Bulk actions

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The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies [+ Free Checklist!]

October is right around the corner, and you know what that means: It’s time to snuggle up and watch Halloween movies! Whether you enjoy lighthearted Halloween movies that will make you laugh or you want to be sleeping with the lights on for a week, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve crowdsourced the best Halloween movies based on recommendations from Evernote employees. There are a lot of Halloween movies out there,

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Wedding Budget Breakdown: Everything You Need to Consider for Your Big Day

If you’re planning a wedding, your budget is everything. Save time and money with the ultimate wedding budget breakdown from Evernote.

The Cornell Notes System: Five Words That Lead to Powerful Results

This efficient note-taking system makes it easier to record and retain information—and now it’s made the leap to the digital age.

Keep All-Nighters at Bay With These Note-Taking Methods for College

College can be a big adjustment, but establishing the right note-taking methods early can help you stay on top of all your classes.

Essential Evernote Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Learn all of the Evernote shortcuts for Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and iPad, plus expert tips to help you boost your productivity.

Timeless Note-Taking Systems for Students

Ready for the school year? Learn new note-taking systems that will help you take better notes and conquer your classes.

Your Digital Calendar: Home Base for Your Whole Life

Whether you’re studying for exams or bouncing between meetings, a digital calendar is the most important organizational tool in your time management kit.

How Task Management Can Help You Stay on Top of Your Schoolwork

Organizing and prioritizing your entire school schedule helps lower stress so you can focus on what matters. Here’s how to get started.

How to Increase Productivity With Evernote iOS Widgets

See how to increase your productivity with Evernote widgets for iOS. Quickly access the info you need, right from your device’s home screen.