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Be Your Own Budget Boss: How to Keep Track of Expenses Like a Pro

Budgeting is a basic adulthood skill, whether running a business or just keeping track of personal finances. Still, it can be a challenge—especially with much of our online spending. Learning how to keep track of expenses makes the process easier and allows you to become your own budget boss. With a good app and the right techniques, you can keep track of all your spending, stay on budget, and never

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Timeboxing Like the Pros: Practical Advice to Up Your Productivity Game

Timeboxing can increase your efficiency at work and at home. Get the tools and insights you need to put this system into practice.

The Evernote Team’s Expert Tips on How to Take Good Meeting Notes

For most professionals, meetings are a necessary evil. Sure, they’re a great way to share information and reach a consensus, but it can be hard to shift focus from your current tasks when someone calls a huddle. On the other hand, it’s easy to sit diligently through a meeting and listen to every point, only to forget important details when you return to your regular duties. That’s why knowing how

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How to Make a Meeting Agenda Your Team Will Actually Care About

Regardless of industry, every business relies on meetings to keep its team members informed and productive. The heart of it all is knowing how to design a meeting agenda that actually engages teams. That way, everyone can retain information and stay more committed to their goals. To do so, it’s critical to create an agenda that draws attention to the key details without losing sight of the bigger picture. And,

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Introducing Tasks in Web Clipper: A Better Way to Turn Inspiration Into Action

Like Kermit and Miss Piggy, some things are just better when they’re together.  That’s how we feel about Tasks and Web Clipper. On their own, each one is awesome at helping you stay organized—but put them together, and it’s a match made in productivity heaven. Now, with the introduction of Tasks in Web Clipper, you can easily clip any web page, article, or PDF you’re awe-struck by and use the

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Be an Efficiency Whiz With These Fun Goal-Tracking Ideas

Efficient goal-tracking isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Use these fun ideas to tackle your to-do list and reach your goals.

Introducing Backlinks: A New Way to Navigate Your Notes

Now you can see which notes link to the one you’re working in, so it’s easier to connect ideas and keep your information organized.

A New Phase in the History of Evernote

Luca Ferrari, CEO of Bending Spoons, discusses his company’s acquisition of Evernote and shares his vision for the future.

How a Visual Goal Tracker Helps You Keep Your Eye on the Prize

We live in a world filled with distractions. Whether it’s the latest streaming series or drama on the internet, getting sidetracked from working on your goals is easy—even for people who are disciplined enough to write them down in the first place. And while you may think you’re strong enough to resist, diversion will never be more than a cell phone screen away. That’s where a visual goal tracker comes

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Evernote’s Parade of Features, Part Five: Improve Workflow on the Web

In the final installment of this features series, learn how to improve your Evernote workflow while using the web version of our platform.