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How to Create a Social Media Calendar Template: A Quick and Easy Guide

Busy social media marketers have difficulty identifying which content needs to be posted where and when. Integrating a social media calendar template into your daily schedule can enable you to stay on top of everything. Content is the heart and soul of a successful social media marketing campaign. A suitable social media schedule template tailored to your business can help you stay organized, get more efficient, and crush the competition.

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Smart Shopping 101: How to Make a Grocery List

We’ve all been there: You get home after surviving rush hour at the grocery store, only to realize you forgot at least three things. Not a good feeling! While creating a grocery list might feel like just another chore, it can actually end up saving you time (and gas money) not making trips back to the store.  Having a grocery list keeps you focused and productive when shopping. Without one,

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5 Ways to Run a Highly Productive Meeting

A productive meeting is a boon to your company, no matter your business. Use these five strategies to help make yours run flawlessly every time.

Your Non-Boring Guide to the Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a famous organizational method used to help prioritize tasks. See how it can help you boost your efficiency.

How to Overcome Burnout After You’ve Burnt Out

Wondering how to overcome burnout once you’re suffering from it? Let’s dive into the tell-tale signs, along with some actionable steps you can take to recover.

Evernote Helps Small Business Owners Accomplish Anything

Evernote celebrates the power of organized thinking and productive action to accomplish anything, and this is best exemplified in entrepreneurship. To transform the spark of an idea into a business that amplifies your talents, passions, or inventions is an amazing way to illustrate your vision and empower your community.  In celebration of Black Business Month in August, I spoke to two Black business owners who are using Evernote to invest

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Avoid Teacher Stress With 5 Handy Back-to-School Life Hacks

Teacher stress is on the rise with all the changes we’ve seen in recent years. See how you can stay organized and on top of it all.

7 Reasons to Use Evernote as an Organization Tool for School

This article appeared on and has been published here with permission. All diligent students want to be as organized as possible to succeed. In the digital era we live in, it’s now common to use digital tools to get organized. And there are plenty of tools you can choose from, so how can you make sure you pick the right one? The good news is that some tools stand

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The Teacher’s Guide: Set Students Up for High School Success

Every high school teacher wants their students to succeed. This is achievable and we have just the tools to help you guide them to success.

Study: The Impact of Back-to-School on Mothers

As summer vacation winds down, back-to-school season proves to be a laborious time for parents as they undertake a plethora of responsibilities for their children. A new survey from YouGov and Evernote has uncovered compelling data on the impact of back-to-school on mothers—from the frequency they are managing these tasks to the numerous roles they must partake in.  Just in time for back-to-school, the data speaks to the responsibilities mothers

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