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3 ways to organize NaNoWriMo (or any big writing project) in Evernote

As sponsors of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), we’ve been talking with writers—from novelists to bloggers—about the ways they use Evernote. One thing we discovered right away is that every writer has a unique approach to organization. This is one area where Evernote excels. Whether you like a lot of structure or prefer to keep things simple, Evernote adapts to the way you work. You can track every detail of

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10 Ways to Boost Your Writing Productivity

Every writer has been there: the words are inside you, trying to get out, but life is in the way. Maybe you can’t find any time in your busy schedule. Or you can’t stay focused when you sit down to write. Or you have a great writing session one day, and then your work in progress sits neglected for weeks. Whether you’re writing a novel, maintaining a blog, or keeping

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Command & Control: Essential Evernote Shortcuts

For all the work you’ll do with Evernote, there’s a keyboard shortcut that can help you do it faster. Here’s a roundup featuring some of our favorite shortcuts to create and organize your content using Evernote for Mac and Windows. Evernote for Mac Desktop Create notes and notebooks ⌘ N Create a new note ^⌘ ⇧ N Open a new note window ⌘ ⇧ N Create a new notebook ^

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