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Journaling in Evernote for Health and Happiness

You know Evernote can keep you organized. Now see how keeping a journal in Evernote can help you clear your mind and maintain better mental health.

Evernote’s Gift Guide for Partners

Blog art by From Pen to Paper Studio. It’s rapidly approaching that time of year again, and if you’re one of the many folks out there with a significant other at the top of your gift-giving list, we’ve got your back! Power tip: Keep track of gift ideas throughout the year with the Gift Giving template and our Digital Friend profile, which can easily be customized and expanded upon to cover

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Evernote’s Gift Guide for Teachers and Caregivers

Blog art by From Pen to Paper Studio. Parents may not always agree with one another when it comes to screen time limits or what diaper brand is best, but one thing we can all agree on: we couldn’t do any of it without the teachers & caregivers in our lives that help take care of our little ones. So whether you’re shopping for your child’s teacher, your nanny, or another

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5 Tips for Parents With ADHD (From a Parent With ADHD)

Evernote team member, Gretchen Fox, shares the story of her later-in-life ADHD diagnosis and how it has impacted her. The tips shared here are ones that she personally uses to help navigate life as a working parent with ADHD.

How Do You Evernote?

Using the #HowDoYouEvernote hashtag, we invite everyone to screenshot, record, write, and post about all the ways that you use Evernote.

4 Back-to-School Tips and Tricks Your Teen Will Thank You For

Stay ahead of planning with a few back-to-school tips and tricks that can help both you and your teen transition into the new school year.

4 Ways to Live Life in Honor of World Elephant Day

From harnessing the power of memory to finding your place within your herd, this World Elephant Day, learn how these gentle gray giants can inspire you to live your best life.

You’re Not Alone: A Back-to-School Survival Guide for Parents

Surviving back-to-school is easier with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve—and this quick-and-easy survival guide.

3 Habits You Didn’t Realize Are Destroying Your Personal Productivity

When it comes to personal productivity, we can often be our own worst enemy. Here are some bad habits you might not even know you’re practicing.

Have More Fun and Get More Done With Your Summer Survival Guide

For kids, summer means freedom and fun. For parents, summer survival means finding activities to do with the whole family. See how Evernote can help.

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