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Four Ways to Improve Note-Taking Right Now

When you’re in college, your job is to take notes. But lectures can go too fast, you can get too many handouts and drawings. Even when you’re trying to do your best, you might miss something important. Here are four ways to improve your note-taking with Evernote Premium: Take notes like a pro. Set up class notebooks, or label notes with tags or just search for keywords. Evernote syncs across

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How Evernoters Use Evernote: Sketch to Explain Your Ideas

Inspired by airy surroundings and collaborative atmosphere, Evernoters happily mix work with life and share their discoveries about using Evernote. In this series, we’ll spotlight employees and the clever and creative ways they use the product! Get some inspiration from Evernote insiders. Monica Chua loves whiteboards. She relies on them to illustrate even her everyday speech, because to her, communications and visuals are inextricably linked. As a director of product

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8 Ways to Begin Your Genealogy Journey Using Evernote

Years ago, Kerry Scott was a 21-year-old woman who had just moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She knew no one in the area. Or so she thought. One day, she got a mysterious letter. A 90-year-old relative had written to Kerry to tell her she wasn’t alone at all. She had many relatives in the area, but she needed to visit local graveyards to find them. Intrigued, Kerry sought out this

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A 24/7 Tool for a Non-stop Working Mom

Once we grow up and have children of our own, we’re often astounded when we realize how much our mothers did for us. The truth is, we often only appreciate it after we’ve become parents ourselves. We wonder how our moms could have possibly squeezed as much into every day as they did. Kara Layne is one working mom whose kids will know exactly how she managed it because she

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Guts, Glory, and Evernote: Extreme Athlete Writes the Book on the Marathon des Sables

In the blistering heat and never-ending sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, the bravest, fittest souls in the world look across the vast, terrifying expanse and see only challenge and opportunity. For them, the six-day, 156-mile (251 km) annual race across the unforgiving Moroccan desert known as the Marathon des Sables (MdS) is the ultimate test of stamina and endurance, and thousands sign up every year—but only a few complete

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