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Productivity • Using Evernote

How to Redefine Success and Find Happiness in Your Life

If you entered this year with big goals, only to see them fall by the wayside, you're not alone. But with the help of these tips, you can redefine success. Read More


How To Stay Disciplined When Times Are Tough

Reaching your goals can seem impossible when the world feels out of control. Here’s how you can build self-discipline & keep moving in the right direction. Read More


3 Ways to Improve Your Adaptability and Manage Your Life

The world is changing every day. Are you equipped to adapt? Here's how to find direction, expand your options, and adjust your outlook in volatile times. Read More


How to Capture Your Ideas and Accomplish More

Your brain processes thousands of ideas each day, quickly moving from one to the next. Here are 4 ways to document your best ideas so they can live forever. Read More


Break the Monotony to Spark Inspiration

Extreme focus can cause mental tunnel vision and block inspiration. Openness to new experiences can break monotony, spark inspiration, and boost creativity. Read More


Three Steps to Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Exercises in divergent thinking can improve mental connections between unexpected ideas, inspiring creative solutions and unlocking “aha” moments. Read More


Self-Care Tips for Parents: Taking “Alone Time” to Recharge

Self-care for parents is as important as ever, with current stay-at-home measures that may be leaving many parents with little to no alone-time to recharge. Read More


5 Ways to Get Organized and Think Clearly

Being unorganized can lead to stress, decreased productivity, and a lack of focus. Here are five easy ways to organize your personal and professional life. Read More

Productivity • Using Evernote

4 Ways to Stay Focused and Get Stuff Done

It's easy to become unfocused and distracted in times of uncertainty. Here are 4 tips for getting things done even when the world feels unpredictable. Read More

Productivity • Using Evernote

Your Essential Guide to Going Remote

As you adjust to the reality of remote work and social distancing, these resources will help you get organized and stay productive—or simply stay sane. Read More

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