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The New Evernote for iOS: Developer FAQ

Q: How do I know my API/SDK integration will still work? 

Most API/SDK integrations should continue to work throughout the launches. 

One exception to this is Google Drive. We are working to enable the Google Drive integration for new apps soon.

Q: Do I need to test my integration against the new app? 

Testing is always encouraged when building software, but we’re not aware of any breaking changes to your integration. If you want an idea of how your integration will work with Evernote’s new apps, you can try it on our web client at Evernote.com. 

Q: Are new features being added to the API/SDK?

At this time, there are no added features to the API/SDK. However, after we launch the new apps, the team will review to see what upgrades and features, if any, need to be added to the API/SDK.

Q: What if people stay on the old Evernote app? Will my integration work on both the new and old apps?

We expect the new apps to be backward compatible, but some features will only be available on the new apps.

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