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See How This Entrepreneur Finds Her Focus With Evernote

“You are all over the place.” That’s what people told Lindsey Holmes as she tried to successfully balance her passions, goals, and dreams. Sound familiar?

Lindsey is an Evernote Certified Consultant, author, public speaker, and CEO of Usable Tech Co., a marketing firm specializing in social media marketing, mobile application development, and technology workflows. On top of all that, in her “free time,” she is working towards a Masters degree.

For people like Lindsey, busy is an understatement. To reach her full potential, she needs a tool that will allow her to maintain focus and turn her thoughts into actionable plans. She uses Evernote.

“I have so much I want to accomplish in this one life, I needed to find a way to make that happen.” —Lindsey Holmes

Early in her journey, Lindsey discovered that Evernote could go beyond simply note-taking. Now she uses it as a seamless hub for all the things she needs to live her best life, creating a personal and professional workflow that allows her to stay productive, collaborate with others, and keep her attention on what matters most. Lindsey organizes sharable notebooks and to-do lists for all her clients, classes, and projects that make working together easy. She uses templates to simplify tasks—from keeping a gratitude journal to creating a hiring interface where she can track resumes, responses, and next steps. With Evernote, Lindsey has found her focus.

Learn how you can use Evernote to find your focus by signing up for Lindsey’s Skillshare class, Productivity with Evernote: Use One Tool for Everything, today.

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