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Evernote Announces Debut of New Tasks Feature

Now available in Early Access, Tasks in Evernote helps people accomplish more

Redwood City, Calif., June 3, 2021 – Evernote, the productivity app that lets you remember everything and accomplish anything, today announced the debut of its latest new feature: Tasks. Evernote’s new Tasks feature is a natural evolution to surface and manage the action items that help people stay on top of their daily lives, achieve meaningful results, and accomplish what’s most important to them. Tasks is now available in Early Access across mobile (iOS and Android), desktop (Windows and Mac), and web apps. As an Early Access release, customers on every Evernote plan are invited to use all Tasks features up until its release in General Availability, provide feedback, and explore how Tasks can streamline their own workflows.

Americans rely on task lists to get things done, but generally aren’t satisfied with how they’re currently managing them. A new survey* from YouGov conducted for Evernote found that three out of five (60 percent) Americans keep an ongoing list of things they need to accomplish, such as tasks, errands and projects, with women more likely (68 percent) compared to men (52 percent). But the majority of these people (53 percent) feel that their current method is only somewhat effective in helping them accomplish their tasks. 

With Tasks, Evernote merges content with actions to better support both remembering and accomplishing, guiding users through their day. Starting with a user’s existing notes—the very foundation of Evernote’s success—and integrating tasks directly into those notes supercharges the utility of both notes and tasks. Notes are instantly actionable and to-dos have all the context needed for task completion, making it easier than ever to gain clarity and control over everyday life—whether for work, family, or oneself. 

“We’ve always known that it’s what you do with Evernote that matters most—whether that’s running your own business, keeping up a hobby, or trying to create a better world. Your vision and mission, whatever they are, are uniquely yours. Here at Evernote, our vision remains unchanged: to be your external brain, a partner in your process; our mission is expanded: to help you remember everything and accomplish anything,” said Ian Small, CEO of Evernote. “Today’s introduction of Tasks in Early Access is a big step forward in helping our users navigate overload while accomplishing their goals, and it is a transformational expansion of Evernote that helps realize our updated mission. We look forward to seeing how our users engage with Tasks in Early Access, and to the continued rapid evolution of Evernote over the months ahead.”

With Tasks, users now have a single place to capture information, actions, and decisions needed to stay on top of it all. Use Evernote to:

  • Streamline workflows. When notes and tasks live together, no need to decide what goes in notes vs. a task manager or to-do list.
  • Know what has to get done every day and why.
  • Set deadlines and get reminders so the right tasks surface at the right time. 
  • Use alerts to prevent tasks from getting lost in the daily shuffle, even when Evernote is not in use.
  • Flag what’s important so efforts can be focused on what matters most.
  • Get a summarized view of every to-do, or a big picture look at the full context of a project.
  • Work your way. Designed to fit unique workstyles, people can sort tasks by note, due date, or flagged status, and use filters to see across information.
  • Get any changes to tasks updated instantly across every view and on every device.

“I use Evernote primarily as my external brain, because it provides a simple, effective structure for the way I work,” said Ray Sidney-Smith, President of W3 Consulting and small business productivity expert. “I’ve managed my projects in Evernote for years, and now Evernote’s built-in Tasks feature is really going to accelerate my workflows. I am able to connect the dots between information I’m capturing in Evernote to the relevant actions I need in getting things done faster and more confidently. I feel that Evernote helps me get through my day in the best possible way.”

To join Tasks Early Access, you simply need to install the latest version of Evernote for the devices you use.

*All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Fieldwork was undertaken between March 5-8, 2021 among 1,352 adults in the United States. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).


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