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Evernote’s Gift Guide for Teachers and Caregivers

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Parents may not always agree with one another when it comes to screen time limits or what diaper brand is best, but one thing we can all agree on: we couldn’t do any of it without the teachers & caregivers in our lives that help take care of our little ones. So whether you’re shopping for your child’s teacher, your nanny, or another member of your “village,” there’s something for everyone on this list.

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Thoughtfulness is paramount when putting together a gift of gratitude for the folks who keep your children safe and loved, and we all know that working with kids can be an occasionally stressful occupation. Consider creating a self-care kit filled with things like a journal, some nice pens, bath bombs, a stress ball, and snacks or a small bottle of wine.

Prefer to procure something that’s a little more personalized? Try these on for size:

This fill-in-the-blank journal — already pre-filled in by your kiddo, of course! — detailing why they’re the best teacher ever.

This notebook for teachers to record all the cute, funny, memorable things your kids say in class.

These teacher affirmation cards that will inspire teachers every day with a new mantra. 

This smart mug that will keep drinks the perfect temperature throughout the day.

This extremely calming weighted eye mask so that the caregivers in your life can unwind after a long, long day.

This insulated tumbler that comes in a myriad of sizes and colors, so they can keep hydrated with their beverage of choice and not have to worry if a charging kiddo knocks it over.

A personalized stamp that you can customize for your #1 teacher.

This beautiful coloring book that can help everyone release their stress while channeling their inner child.

This hilarious candle or this universal sentiment that will make the teachers in your life laugh.

This zen artist board that can be a stress reliever for the teacher or even for the classroom to help kids relax.

And, of course, if none of these spark your fancy, you can always fall back on the tried-and-true, ultimate teacher gift duo: a gift card of any amount tucked inside a heartfelt, handwritten card expressing your appreciation and gratitude.

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