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Evernote Experts Monthly Roundup: Organize With Evernote

From learning new features to discovering resources and inspiration, Evernote Experts know a thing or two about how to help you get organized and stay productive. Browse this month’s featured Expert articles and videos to learn more!

“Evernote is a great system for capturing everything and being your backup brain.⁠ But it’s more than that.” Learn how Certified Professional Organizer® Deb Lee uses Evernote’s new features to not only stay on top of tasks and projects, but stay accountable to her goals. Read more.

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Productivity Expert Vlad Campos uses Evernote everyday, creating useful and relatable videos to help users get the most out of Evernote. In this video, he shows you how he uses Evernote and offers some unique ideas for organizing info on the go. Watch on YouTube.

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“Evernote notebooks are a handy tool, but are you getting the most out of them?” Todd Allan, Digital Organizer and Workspace Consultant, shows you how to organize all of your notes in one place efficiently with Evernote. Read more.

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“The value of Evernote is not only in its ability to store lots of material, but its ability to quickly search your files when you need specific information.” Watch Leadership Consultant Dave Edwards teach basic and advanced search techniques in Evernote.

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“Looking for the digital equivalent of the ‘memo pad by the phone’? Look no further. The Evernote Quick Note is a gem hidden in the desktop software.” Watch as Dr. Frank Buck teaches how to use Evernote Helper to jot down notes in a hurry from anywhere on your desktop computer.

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If you know that paper has become a problem for you, then read on as Productivity Expert Stacey Harmon shows how to break down the barriers to living a paperless life. In Stacey’s words, “You’ll also find some real-world solutions you can implement right away.” Learn more.

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