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Find Critical Data Quickly with Evernote and Launchcloud

As a business owner, have you ever wanted a way to quickly find customer feedback, survey results, intake forms, and other data with Evernote? Try Launchcloud, an app that integrates with Evernote that makes finding and managing data in Evernote even easier.

What is Launchcloud?

Launchcloud is a paperless information-gathering and automation platform that allows you to collect information like sales lead data, documents, orders, and surveys by using pre-made online forms. With Launchcloud, you can either create drag and drop forms to customize the information fields you need, or you can use Launchcloud’s form templates for more common uses.

Launchcloud is designed for companies who want to automate sales, marketing, information gathering, and data collection processes. You can use it in the office, in the field, on iOS and Android, and both online and offline. For example, if your sales employees gather leads in the field, they can use Launchcloud’s forms to more easily gather customers’ names, contact, and other data using mobile devices. You can also share and embed Launchcloud forms from your website, email, and social media to receive consent forms, NDAs, customer feedback, and any other information you want to store digitally.

“Launchcloud is quick and simple to set up,” says London-based Launchcloud’s CEO and co-founder, Matt Doyle. “It’s a one-click install to authorize your Evernote account, and then you can connect that to a form and instantly be able to see insight behind the structured information that’s being collected from multiple people.”

Using Launchcloud with Evernote

“Anyone who has a structure to the way they sell, or get customer feedback or insights, can benefit from working in Launchcloud and Evernote,” says Doyle.

Launchcloud with Evernote integration works two ways: you can either “push” data to Evernote, or “pull” it from existing data in Evernote. Though Evernote does not integrate directly with Excel spreadsheets, communication between Evernote and Excel is possible using Launchcloud forms. Attach a spreadsheet to a Launchcloud form in Evernote, and Launchcloud can read the data in the spreadsheet and automatically populate the form.

Want to go the other way and put form data into a spreadsheet? That’s no problem for Launchcloud. Launchcloud can “push” information from a form, like a customer survey or intake form, into an Evernote note. For example, when customers fill out intake forms using  Launchcloud, it’s easy for you to push the data into an Evernote notebook called “Intakes” and store the results of each form in a single note. From there, you’ll be able to quickly find the customers’ information again in Evernote.

Evernote with Launchcloud lets team members access information using Evernote’s powerful search capabilities. If you need to review how customers responded to a survey, for example, Evernote’s search functionality lets you search by any word in a note, notebook, location, or tag.

How to get started

In the Evernote App Center, locate Launchcloud and create an account. With a Standard, Pro or Enterprise Launchcloud account, you can integrate with any version of Evernote.  

With so many apps to help make business easier, it’s ironic that sometimes having too many apps can slow down productivity. Launchcloud provides a way to gather, find, and make sense of data using the software you already know and love.

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