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Q1 Roundup: Find the Right Info When You Need It With Our Latest Updates

Wouldn’t it be great if when you needed to get something done, the right information just materialized in front of you? While we can’t summon objects to appear out of thin air (yet), Evernote’s recent updates do more to help you access the right information when you need it—on any device. Here are just some of the improvements we’ve made so far in 2022: 

Calendar event notifications make meeting prep a breeze

We’ve all been there. An important meeting sneaks up on you, and you spend the first five minutes (although it seems like fifty) hunting down the information you need—with everyone staring right at you. Now we’ve introduced a way to help you prepare for meetings more comfortably. 

Enter calendar event notifications. With Evernote connected to your Google Calendar, you can get notified when it’s time to take notes or to open an existing note related to your meeting. These handy reminders help you stay ahead of the game so you can show up to every meeting ready for anything. 

  • Take better notes. Click or tap the notification to create a preformatted meeting note that automatically fills in details from your calendar, like name, date, and attendees.
  • No more fumbling for notes. Instantly open an existing note linked to your meeting and find all your relevant info in one place, ready to go.
  • Turn meeting into doing. Follow up on action items and capture next steps quickly and easily.

To learn more about calendar event notifications from Evernote and how to manage them, check out this article.

Notifications can be useful for all your events, not just business meetings. That’s why our Professional plan allows you to connect up to five Google Calendar accounts to Evernote.

Gain clarity in your workplace, and your headspace

Is your work-life balance leaning a little too much in the ‘work’ direction? We know the feeling. That’s why we asked some of our Evernote Certified Experts to share their favorite tips for using calendar notifications to bring work and personal life into better harmony. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Get notified for the right stuff. You probably don’t need to take notes for every event on your calendar, like your lunch break. To get only the notifications you need, reserve your default Google Calendar for important events—the ones where you need to take notes. Then create other Google Calendars for other areas of your life, like ‘fitness’ or ‘kids.’ This way, you’ll see all of your calendar events in the calendar widget on your Home dashboard, but you’ll only get notifications for the events on your default calendar.
  • Unlock the power of notes in your personal life. If you’re like most people, you probably take most of your notes at work or at school. But notes might be surprisingly helpful for your personal or family events, too. Have a doctor’s appointment coming up? Remember to ask important medical questions by jotting them down in a note ahead of time, then link that note to the appointment on your calendar, and Evernote will serve that note up right when you need it. 

“My Tasks” view puts your to-dos in focus

If you have a lot of shared notes or regularly assign tasks to others, your tasks view can populate fast. But now, with one click, you can get a view of your tasks that’s laser-focused on what you personally need to get done. 

The ‘My Tasks’ tab gives you an organized view of all the tasks you’ve created for yourself and any tasks assigned to you by others, in order of priority. This helps you see what’s on your plate at a glance, so nothing slips between the cracks. 

My Tasks now appears as the first tab in your Tasks view, followed by Assigned, Notes, and Due dates. You may notice that ‘Flagged’ is no longer a tab—instead, we’ve moved it up to the search bar where you can quickly apply it as a suggested filter. 

Optimized for M1 Apple devices

If you’re using Evernote on an Apple computer with an M1 chip, we have good news. The latest version of Evernote now runs natively on Apple silicon—resulting in much faster start-up time, fewer bugs, and improved overall app performance for many of our customers. 

This is all part of our commitment to ongoing performance enhancements. We’ll continue our rigorous testing to iron out bugs and further optimize Evernote for Apple silicon devices. 

Tap less, do more with Evernote on Android

Turn your Android home screen into your new productivity hub. Our new List widgets surface your most important notes and tasks, so you can take action in Evernote without even opening the app. 

Choose from the following widget configurations: 

  • Note List: Scroll through your notes and open them with a single tap.
  • Shortcut List: View your shortcuts and click to open.
  • Task List: See recent tasks, complete them, and create new ones right from the widget.

The new widgets are available now on Android. For more ways to create content in Evernote from your Android home screen, check out our Action Bar and Action Button widgets.

A better experience on tablets

Home has been a game-changer for many Evernote fans, but people on tablets have had a less than ideal layout. So we’ve optimized Home to take better advantage of the screen space on tablets and large-screen phones.

The app now automatically adjusts the number of columns to make the most of your screen real estate when switching between portrait and landscape mode on tablets and larger mobile devices. 

Get the PDF export you expect

We’ve improved the PDF export function in Evernote for Windows and Mac. Now when you choose to export a note as a PDF, you’ll also get a live preview of the PDF so you can see exactly what it’ll look like. 

There’s more where this came from

These are just a few of our latest improvements. As always, we have more enhancements in the pipeline getting ready to make their debut—and we’ll let you know as soon as they do. In the meantime, start putting our newest features to work by updating to the current version of Evernote on all of your devices. 

To get a full recap of everything we’ve updated lately, check out our archive of release notes. If you’re curious about our update process, check out this article on how we release updates to our customers. 

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