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The Surprising Benefits of Going Green With Evernote

The benefits of going green can’t be overstated. When we commit ourselves to creating a more sustainable world, we make a conscious choice to ensure our environment remains livable for our children and future generations. Going green has tangible benefits for the here-and-now, too. A healthier Earth means healthier minds and bodies for us all, not to mention a prettier planet for us to call home. Besides, paper is overrated anyway. It’s bulky, difficult to carry, time-consuming to organize, and creates tons (literally) of waste.

With that in mind, Evernote offers a variety of different features to help make your efforts to go green easier and more effective.

Ditch your paper planner 

For many people, the move to digital tools has made paper planners a thing of the past. But some people still prefer a dedicated paper notebook to keep track of everything on their plate. Unfortunately, paper planners are often unwieldy to carry around and are easily lost. Between that and the speed at which you can start filling up a planner, you can go through a lot of paper trying to keep your agendas up to date… not to mention all the wasted money, too.

With Evernote, that’s not a problem. Evernote makes it easy for you to connect notes to your calendar events so they’re handy wherever you go, and ready whenever you need them. That makes it easier to prepare for meetings, take notes on the fly, and remember next steps or action items—way more useful than just an entry in a planner. And since Evernote can live on all your devices, there’s no need to lug around anything extra just to keep track of your responsibilities.

Plus, Evernote offers a number of different templates for every work style and lifestyle, including daily, weekly, and yearly views on everything you have coming up. So you can still maintain that “month at a glance” list view you’re used to.

Notes where you need them, when you need them

Evernote is the most accessible way to keep detailed notes on all your devices, readily available and a cinch to pull up the moment you need them. Say your plan for going green includes committing to composting. Use Evernote’s Web Clipper to compile a handy composting guide as you work to keep your community clean and healthy, or keep detailed notes on tending a sustainable garden right in your own backyard.

Any additions you make to your burgeoning gardening notebook are updated everywhere you have the Evernote app, so the changes will be reflected across all your devices right away. Need to check on the right soil type while visiting the local garden center or pick up tools from the hardware store? No problem. Everything you need to remember is at your fingertips.

Evernote also makes it easy to share those notes with your neighbors for all your environmental care efforts, allowing you to stay in sync with anyone, even if they don’t use Evernote. Whether you’re developing a community farm, organizing a cleanup in your local parks, or making notes during meetings for your city’s environmental collective, Evernote has the tools to help your whole team go green.

Click your to-do list, don’t cross off

With Tasks in Evernote, it’s a breeze to keep an eye on all your upcoming to-dos. While you’re assembling your plan for a greener, more paperless life in Evernote, you can add tasks inside your notes, right alongside the info that inspired them. When it’s time to act, simply click on a note to see your associated tasks and the info you need to get started, all in one place. You’ll also get a reminder for any upcoming due dates, so if you happen to forget about one of them, don’t sweat it. Evernote remembers for you.

Recycle your old notebooks 

Let’s face it: physical notebooks are a pain in the neck to organize and store. One notebook can get messy enough, but when you’re the kind of person who takes notes regularly, they can quickly pile up and become a chore to sort through.

As the name suggests, notes are the heart of Evernote, and we strive to be the last “notebook” you’ll ever need, one that’s constantly growing and evolving along with you. With Evernote, everything that was, is, or will be important lives in one place, instantly searchable, with no need to sift through countless individual books to find the specific information you need.

Transitioning all your note-taking and note-keeping to Evernote doesn’t just help you conserve physical space, but can go a long way toward conservation of the Earth’s environment. Think of all the paper you’ll save by not having to buy a new wall calendar each year, or endless packs of sticky notes (they’re small, but they add up). Going paperless is easier with Evernote, and one of the best ways to do your part.

Go paperless at home 

We all know how easily paper documents can pile up—between bills, receipts, and mailers, it’s a wonder you can find anything these days. As a result, you end up printing out the same documents over and over again, or worse, losing something that can’t be easily replaced. And that can be especially problematic when you have an important document that you need to keep handy at all times, such as a vaccination card or personal ID.

The deeper you dive into everything Evernote has to offer, the more resources you discover that can help drastically reduce your paper use, both at home and in your workplace. Whatever happens to your paper documents, you can rest assured that once you’ve saved them to Evernote, they aren’t going anywhere.

With Evernote’s document scanner app feature, you can conveniently scan physical documents from your own phone to digitize them for safekeeping on all your Evernote devices. And with Web Clipper, anything important you find on the internet, from web pages to screen captures, can be saved in Evernote, making them instantly accessible on all your devices.

If you want to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing your paper use, Evernote puts the tools to make that possible right at your fingertips. And for more tips on how Evernote can help you go green on Earth Day and throughout the year, check out these insights from Evernote Expert Stacey Harmon.

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