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In Case You Missed It, Here’s What We’ve Been Shipping

This past summer was a big one at Evernote. Thanks to our new apps, and their stronger foundation, we’ve been able to ship more so far in 2021 than we did in the previous few years!

In July alone, Tasks graduated from Early Access to its official release; we introduced the ability to connect Evernote to Google Calendar; Home got a Tasks widget, along with new customization options; and we released a new lineup of subscription plans to help you find the best way to become your most productive self. 

All of this was part of Evernote’s ongoing evolution from something that helps you save information to something that helps you get things done

We get that you might not devour every word of our release notes the second they go live, so here’s a recap of key updates we’ve made since our last roundup in June, including some fresh ideas for ways Evernote can help you in your daily life.

Do more, right from Home

You’ve seen how Home serves up your most relevant information in one neatly organized place. Home now goes even further—giving you more powerful ways to tailor your experience to your needs. 

  • Whether you’re tackling one main project or juggling a few at once, the filtered notes widget delivers the info you need, every step of the way. Available on our Personal, Professional, and Teams plans, this new widget displays notes based on your chosen criteria. If you subscribe to Professional or Teams, you can add multiple filtered notes widgets, transforming Home into mission control for everything you want to achieve. 
  • In addition to showing you important information, Home now allows you to capture it more quickly. Create new notes, tasks, notebooks, and tags right from your widgets, so you don’t have to switch your context. Just look for the button in the upper-right corner of each of these widgets. 

Even smarter search 

Filtered searches help you find notes based on their attributes, like attachments, tags, or the date they were created. We’ve improved the filtered search experience to give you more relevant results and help you find what you need faster than ever. 

  • Got a filtered search you want to reuse? Now you can save any filtered search and run it again later with one click. Look for the Save search option above the note list after you perform a search. Check out this video to learn more about creating and using saved searches.
  • To help you find what you’re looking for even faster, you’ll now see a list of suggested filters at the top of the note list after you perform a search or add a filter. 

The editor’s always getting better

We’ve refined the note editor to make it more intuitive, so you can focus on your most important work with fewer distractions.

  • More of the right things are now clickable. We’ve made the app better at recognizing links inside your notes, automatically converting email addresses and web URLs into links—and we won’t make you type “https://.” 
    • Links can also open local files and default apps (we’re looking at you, Zoom).
    • Links in tasks are now clickable, helping you act on information from the task itself without having to copy-and-paste the link into a browser.
  • The app is now better at handling dragging-and-dropping and copying-and-pasting files between apps—because it’s important to play well with others.

Useful in the office, the classroom, and beyond 

In addition to releasing new features and bringing more goodness to existing functionality, we’ve been thinking outside the box to offer some creative ways you can use Evernote to help the people closest to you—and have a little fun yourself. 

  • Most of what makes Evernote helpful at work makes it great for school as well. This is especially true for college students, as they’re starting to take the reins on their own organization and time management. If you have a recent high school grad in your life, here are some ways you can help them succeed in college.
  • Fantasy football. If you play it, you probably take it pretty seriously. And if you don’t take it seriously…are you really playing? No matter what your skill level might be, if you take part in this annual tradition, we’ve put together some ways Evernote can give you the edge

More is on the way

We look forward to keeping the drumbeat of steady updates rolling, with special attention to performance. Our legacy apps had at least 10 years of performance optimization supporting them, so there’s work to be done on this front. But with our new apps enabling us to ship software faster than ever, we’re hard at work to make consistent progress you’ll notice.

To catch up on earlier updates, check out our previous roundup. If you like what you see and you’re currently only using Evernote on the web, visit our download page to get Evernote on all your devices and stay in sync everywhere you go.

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