How To Be More Productive at Work and at Home With Evernote Professional

Juggling work and home responsibilities can drain two of your most precious resources: brainpower and time. But the more productive you can be, the more you can save of both. It’s why people use Evernote to increase productivity. And people who want to know how to be more productive use Evernote Professional. Take a look at these productivity tips to see how the best of Evernote can help you get more done at work and at home. 

The website workspace

Meet Lori. She starts her work day looking over Evernote Professional’s customizable Home dashboard. Its Calendar, Tasks, and filtered notes widgets organize all her projects and priorities for both work and home in one convenient place. There’s no need to jump around to other task lists and calendars. Lori’s figured out how to improve productivity—and she hasn’t even had coffee yet.

This morning, her team kicks off a new priority: the company’s website redesign. Lori schedules a kickoff meeting with her team in Google Calendar and then creates a note in Evernote linked to the event. She’ll use that note to add all the information relevant to the meeting, from wireframe PDFs to a recent Slack conversation with her team. Prior to the meeting, she shares the note with the whole team to put everyone on the same page before they even walk into the room (or log in). 

During the meeting, Lori and the team contribute thoughts, ideas, attachments, and action items right in the meeting note. This gives them a single, easily accessible source for all this info. No one has to worry about finding and collecting it all later, and nothing falls through the cracks. 

After the meeting, Evernote Professional lets her assign the tasks that came up to each member of the website team—right in the same note. That way, she doesn’t have to break concentration by moving to another document or app. Plus, now the entire team knows who’s responsible for each task, and Lori can track their progress. Lori and the rest of the team can then spend the rest of their day carrying out their assignments. 

The weekend project-solver

After a long, fulfilling week of using Evernote to be more productive at her job, Lori looks forward to a rewarding weekend. Evernote’s on top of that, too.

Since her personal calendar is also connected to Evernote, she receives a reminder that one of her weekend events is to meet with the owner of a car she’s had her eye on. To prepare, she opens her notebook titled “Car purchase.” It contains all the info Lori’s collected about electric SUVs: articles she’s clipped from online sources, pictures of various models, even video walkthroughs. With a whopping 20 GB of uploads each month, and individual notes of up to 200 MB, Evernote Professional makes storing hi-res photos, presentations, even video files a breeze.

She collects information about this particular model and puts it into a single note that automatically syncs to her mobile devices, and can even be available offline, in case the cell signal is patchy. Having that info in hand will help her decide whether or not to buy the car on the spot. All that’s left is to show up, ask a few quick questions, and decide.* 

Having moved that project forward, she knocks off a few more tasks, like sending her book club a note with the details of this month’s novel and who’s scheduled to bring which snack (please, no broccoli dip this time), so she can finish the evening with a clear head. With that, she opens one last note, titled “Shows my friends recommend,” to find something to unwind to before going to bed. She chooses a series from her checklist, ticks the check box next to it, and binges away, feeling accomplished that she’s saved enough time today to get through the extra-long season finale before she falls asleep.

How much time could you save with Professional?

Interested in getting Evernote Professional to increase productivity at work and home? Check it out and see what the best of Evernote can do for you. 

*PS Lori bought the car, and thanks to the research she collected in Evernote, she was able to talk him down an extra $2000. And to throw in a tire repair kit 🙂

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