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Level Up Your iPhone With Evernote iOS Lock Screen Widgets 

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re probably already aware of the latest customization options that Apple released with iOS 16. From custom Home Screens to Focus modes to widgets, the customizations available to iPhone users are now more robust and better than ever.

One of the best ways to take advantage of these new capabilities is by setting up multiple Lock Screens with different linked Focus modes—and different widgets to match. Which is why we’re thrilled to share that you can now add Evernote Lock Screen widgets to your iPhone! 

A few months ago, Evernote announced the release of iOS widgets to help you access the app even more easily and increase your productivity. Now you can take your widget game to the next level by adding them to your Lock Screen as well.

Capture inspiration any time, stay on top of your task list, and create new items in Evernote—right from your iPhone’s Lock Screen. 

Which widget will you choose? 

Evernote has eight different Lock Screen widgets for you to choose from. For the rectangular/bar widgets, you can set up a Recent Note Bar or Task Bar. For the button/round widgets, you can set up Tasks, New Note, New Task, Document Scan, Search, and Open App. Here’s a rundown of each one:

Recent Note Bar: With this widget, you can see the name of your most recent note on your Lock Screen. Tapping the widget will open this note in Evernote. 

Task Bar: This widget allows you to see your next three tasks from your Lock Screen. Tapping anywhere on this widget will bring you to your Tasks View within the app. Note: This widget will only work for Personal, Professional, and Teams customers. 

New Note Button: This button opens a New Note in Evernote. 

New Task Button: Tap this button to create a new task faster than ever. 

Document Scan Button: This button opens a new Camera Note when you tap it, so you can quickly capture and record what you need. 

Search Button: Looking for something? Tapping on this widget will open a search in Evernote so you can find what you need right away. 

Tasks Button: This button allows you to see the number of incomplete tasks you have and opens directly to your Tasks View when you click on it. 

Open App Button: Open your Evernote app with a single tap from your Lock Screen. 

Customize your widgets based on your Focus 

Currently, there are four default Focus modes built into iOS 16 you can link to your Lock Screen. There’s the classic Do Not Disturb, plus Personal, Work, and Sleep. You can customize them, as well as create additional modes, say, for Fitness or School.

Personally, I have a corresponding screen for each Focus mode, with at least one Evernote Lock Screen widget set up for each. Spend some time playing around with your setup and figure out the best widget combinations for yourself! Here’s how I set up my various Lock Screens:

Default Lock Screen: I have my fitness numbers (I have to close my rings!), Document Scan button, and Open App button. That way, I can quickly get into Evernote with just one tap on my screen. No matter what I need, I can get there fast. Plus, having the Document Scan button is super convenient when I’m on the go because I can capture whatever I need into Evernote. 

Work Focus: Well, I work at Evernote, so all of my work is done in Evernote. Sometimes I get up to go for a walk or take a coffee break, but that doesn’t mean my ideas stop flowing. I like to keep my Task Bar so that I can see what I need to focus on after my break, and my Recent Note Bar so that if I need to review something that I was recently working on, it’s front-and-center on my screen and I don’t even need to unlock my phone. 

Sleep Focus: My biggest weakness is keeping my phone beside my bed. They say it’s terrible for your sleep cycle, but you never know when inspiration will strike! I keep my Lock Screen minimal in Sleep Focus, but I keep the New Note button to record thoughts, get some last-minute journaling, and record dreams I want to recall later. I also keep the New Task button because sometimes you tell yourself you’ll remember something in the morning, and you really… will not. 

Fitness Focus: Now, when I’m working out, I try to make that my time to unplug. I don’t even bring my phone with me into the studio. But I also find that working out is a time that brings me a lot of clarity and inspiration. So, when I put my phone into Fitness Focus, I do like to have the New Note button and the New Task button—along with my fitness numbers, of course. That way, if something comes to mind right before or after my workout, I can get it into Evernote before I forget it. 

There are many ways to customize your Evernote widgets on your Lock Screen and Home Screen. Whatever your favorite combination looks like, these widgets will help you level up your productivity and capture ideas anytime, anywhere. 

Organize your work and unclutter your life with Evernote.

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