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Turn Yourself Into a Meetings Mastermind (With a Little Help From Evernote)

An egg timer, a nudging elbow, a ringing alarm—reminders come in many forms. When done right, reminders keep you in the flow and on top of your game. Now there’s a new type of reminder that’ll help you stay in control of your busy day: Evernote notifications for Google Calendar events.  

With event notifications, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned ahead or you’re jumping straight into a meeting, one click opens an existing note—or creates a new one if you’re not quite that organized—and puts it front-and-center, ready to go. The result: you’ll take better notes, be ready for action, and get more done each day.

What’s your meeting style?

Do you plan every detail of your meetings in advance, meticulously creating an agenda and writing detailed talking points? Or do you prefer to improvise, letting ideas bubble up from the team spontaneously? Whatever your working style, Evernote can help you get more out of your meetings by bringing your notes, schedule, and tasks together, seamlessly. Here’s how:

“I have so many meetings. I don’t have time to prepare.”

It’s 8 a.m. on Monday, and Magda still hasn’t created a note for the weekly staff meeting. Not a great way to start the week. But that’s okay, because Evernote has got her back. 

As the meeting starts, a notification pops up on Magda’s computer. With one click, she opens her Evernote and a new note is right there waiting, pre-formatted with all the details she needs to get started, like the meeting date, description, and attendees. Evernote pulls relevant info from the meeting invite, including links to resources and video conferencing—and leaves room for capturing tasks and action items. Suddenly, Magda is on top of it all, while everyone is still talking about what they did over the weekend.

Power tip: Do you have separate calendars for work, home, and any personal goals or hobbies? With Evernote Professional or Evernote Teams, you can connect them all, and link events to your notes to manage your work and home life with ease. You’ll receive notifications for the primary calendar in each of your connected Google accounts, so you’ll always be in the know.

“I never walk into a meeting unprepared.”

Phil in Sales has a motto: “No agenda, no attend-a.” He doesn’t like leaving things to chance, so he’s always thinking ahead, creating meeting agendas in advance, and gathering research, supplemental materials, and more. That way, he has everything he needs to make informed decisions. Even still, sometimes it can be hard for Phil to find the information he’s worked to prepare—especially when everyone’s eyes are on him.

Now it’s 12:50 on Tuesday, and Phil is preparing notes for a meeting with his biggest client. When he’s done prepping, Phil can link as many notes as he needs to the event, then get to them instantly and find everything in one place, ready to go. 

Before the meeting starts, a notification pops up on Phil’s tablet, reminding him to open his notes, which he can access with one click. Now Phil can see all the info he’s collected on the client, from her feedback on the last project to where she said she was going on vacation this month. As a result, Phil is able to connect easily and have a deeper, more meaningful conversation. Thanks to Evernote’s ability to surface his important notes at the right time, Phil lands some repeat business. Everything is at his fingertips, so he doesn’t have to go hunting for what he needs, and he ends up looking like a rockstar. 

Power tip: You can customize your default notification times depending on whether you’re opening an existing note or creating a new one. For example, you might prefer to be notified to create a new note at the start of a meeting, so you’re ready to take meeting minutes. Or you might want to open an existing note ahead of time, to give you a chance to review it first. It’s up to you.

“This meeting is over. Let’s get to work.”

The word ‘procrastination’ isn’t in Alli’s dictionary. As soon as a meeting is over, she takes action. Now it’s 7:30 p.m., and the monthly school board meeting is almost done; she’s the chair, so people are counting on her for direction. There are budgets to prepare, textbooks to order, and a fundraiser to organize. No problem, Evernote has got her covered. 

At the end of the meeting, a notification pops up on Alli’s laptop, reminding her that it’s time to capture any items for follow-up. She clicks the notification, her existing linked note opens, and she starts assigning tasks to everyone on the board. That way, everyone leaves the room knowing exactly what they need to do, and what needs to happen next.

Power tip: Instantly convert action items into trackable tasks by pressing Cmd + T on Mac, or Alt + T on Windows—no retyping or cut & paste necessary. From there, you can add due dates and flags, and even assign them to others on the spot. 

Ready for anything

In the endless rush of your work and life, arriving prepared for every meeting can be a challenge. And even if you are prepared, it can be hard to put your finger on important details when you need them. Evernote notifications for Google Calendar events keep you in the flow and your head above water, ready for anything, with the specifics you need front-and-center—while everyone around you wonders how you did it.

Note: Evernote Personal customers can connect one Google Calendar account. To connect multiple calendar accounts, upgrade to Evernote Professional or Teams. You can compare the different Evernote plans, and find the perfect one for your needs, here.

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