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New Evernote Tables and More

We’ve heard how many of you love using tables to organize your information and ideas, so we’ve been hard at work to make them better. With the latest release of Evernote for Windows (v6.5 and v6.6) and Mac (v6.12), you’ll notice that tables now have a whole new look—and they’re more intuitive and flexible than ever.

Color Picker for Tables

Even if you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a fan of tables, once you start using them to track projects, organize information, and break down complex ideas you’re presenting to others, you may find our newly designed tables hard to resist.

Table editing made simpler

Sometimes, it’s hard to know just how many rows or columns you’ll end up needing. No worries—now, you can easily add as you go. Create a new row or column anywhere you’d like, with just one click.


Add Rows and Columns

Not sure where you want a row or column to go? Drag rows and columns around in a table until it’s just the way you want it.

Drag and Drop Rows and Columns

You can also merge cells now. Cell merging is one of our most requested table features, so we made it a top priority.
Merge Cells

Geek out by grouping adjacent table cells together, adding more layers of organization to your tables.

Clarify with color

Adding background colors to your tables is easier than ever. Select one or more cells, columns, or rows (anywhere in a table), then pick a color.  It’s that easy.

Add Colors to Tables

All the columns you need

Running out of space? No worries. The new tables are horizontally scrollable, which means you can make tables as wide as you want them to be, without worrying about columns getting squeezed together. Go ahead and add all the columns you need.

Scrollable Tables

See the big picture

We all love that Evernote lets you add photos, screenshots, or scans to a note. But, scrolling up and down to see all the images you’ve added can be a chore.

Evernote’s new image gallery lets you browse through all the images without distractions. Simply double-click on an image to launch the viewer, then sit back, and enjoy watching them glide elegantly across the screen.

New Image Gallery

Watch a replay of our live demo, How to Use Evernote Tables today!

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