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Can Jazz Teach You to Be Better Organized?

See how one rising star uses Evernote to find flow and capture inspiration. Read More


6 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive

Sitting in traffic doesn't have to be time wasted. Here's how to make sure your daily commute to the office is time well spent. Read More


Smarter Communication: The Key to Remote Team Success

How do companies maintain performance and culture when their employees aren’t on site? We asked two global team leaders for their tips. Read More


6 Ways to Automate Simple Work Tasks

Feel like you're doing the same tasks over and over? Try automating the little things so you can focus on real work. Read More


Addicted to Apps? Here’s How to Make it Work

The secret to getting the tools you love to play well together. Read More

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Web Clipper: How to Improve Your Browsing Experience Forever

Web Clipper is how to find what you’ve already found. Save full pages or selected clips from the web and they become searchable in Evernote. Read More

Evernote News

Introducing Evernote for Microsoft Teams

See how our latest integration helps you work better together with your team. Read More

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3 iOS Power Moves You Need to Know

Getting the most out of Evernote on your device is easy with these tips. Read More


You Don’t Have to Be a Genius to Be Creative

Are you a creative person? Allen Gannett, author of "The Creative Curve" and CEO of TrackMaven, says that's the wrong question. Read More

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How to Plan a Family Vacation Without Losing Your Mind

Tips from the experts on creating a memorable trip for the whole family. Read More


Discovering the Secrets of “Dream Teams” – Evernote Sits Down with Shane Snow

Shane Snow reveals how dream teams rely on pushing the boundaries of comfort zones to tap into a group's potential energy and discover novel ideas & solutions. Read More


The Graduation Speech: Excellent Advice for Everyone (Not Just Students)

Advice is everywhere, but every year there’s a specific event that delivers great guidance for a well-lived, productive life: the college commencement speech. Here are some of our favorites. Read More


6 Ways to Have More Productive Meetings (Yes, it Can Happen)

Simple tactics to make your meetings more manageable. Read More

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How to Keep the Workflow Flowing

Business is better when everyone you're working with has the same information. Evernote is that kind of information hub. You'll be so organized it's like all of a sudden everyone has a new assistant. Read More

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Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Work Apps

App overload is real. Here’s how to connect Evernote and the other tools you already use to build a workflow that works. Read More

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3 Android Superpowers You Need to Try Today

Become an Evernote superhero with these tips. Read More


Growing a Business? How to Find the Right Tools and Talent

Growing a small business starts with a solid yet flexible foundation of resources. Leaders from Evernote and Upwork share trends they’ve seen in the market and tips for small business success. Read More

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The Best Office Isn’t a Building, It’s a Space

Tips on making 'work from anywhere' actually work. Read More


5 Ways to Green Up Your Life

The world produces more than 11 million tons of garbage a day. Here’s what you can do to reduce waste for Earth Day and every day. Read More

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Stacey Harmon: “Why Michael Hyatt is Wrong about Organizing Evernote with Tags”

Evernote users love to debate notebook-based organization vs. tagging individual notes. We've often shared the viewpoint of Michael Hyatt, an outspoken proponent of tags. Now, Evernote Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon makes the case for notebooks. Read More

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