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Manage Your To-Dos and Stay on Top of Your Day With Evernote’s Latest Features

Update (July 2021): In this article, you’ll see references to “Evernote Basic,” “Evernote Premium,” or “Evernote Business.” In our journey to bring you an ever better Evernote, we’ve refreshed our lineup of subscription plans.

Evernote Personal brings your notes, tasks, and calendars together to keep your home and family life on track. Evernote Professional amplifies your productivity so you can tackle any project at work or home. Evernote Teams lets groups of two or more collaborate and share knowledge in one convenient place. Learn more about our refreshed plans here.

At Evernote, we believe in being transparent about updates, so you know what you’re getting every time. Even still, there are often so many individual changes that some of them are easy to miss—especially when you’re seeing releases more frequently than at any point in recent years.

With that in mind, we’d like to highlight a few of the more significant changes of the past few months. Some of them are favorite features you asked us to bring back; others are new features we’ve introduced. But they all add up to an Evernote that’s getting better all the time, making it easier for you to stay in control of your day—without feeling overwhelmed.

What’s new

From tackling your to-dos to staying on top of your schedule, these new features will keep your life on track and help you accomplish more:

Manage your to-dos with Tasks

Your notes and to-dos no longer have to be managed in two separate places. Thanks to Tasks in Evernote, your to-dos can live inside your notes—complete with priority flags, due dates, and reminders to help you get your schedule out of your head. Tasks allows you to keep the things you have to do connected to the information you need to do them, so you can be confident that nothing will get lost in the shuffle.

As CEO Ian Small said, with Tasks, “Evernote expands into a world that merges content with actions, supports both remembering and accomplishing, and gives you more control over your day and your life.”

Do more with your Home dashboard

Since we launched Home for Mac, Windows, and Web back in January 2021, it’s become one of our customers’ favorite features:

Tweet about Evernote's Home feature from Twitter user ppv999.

Home helps you navigate your day by surfacing the information you need, when you need it. And recently, it’s gotten even better, thanks to two key additions:

  • Home is now available for iOS and Android as well! Whether you like to begin on your smartphone or your laptop, Home is the easiest way to start your day in Evernote.
  • We added a keyboard shortcut on Mac and Windows to quickly convert your scratch pad content to a note. Just click ⌘ + Option + N on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + N on Windows.

Customize your create button on mobile

You can now customize the create button on iOS and Android to make Evernote work the way you want and keep your most-used actions at your fingertips. Choose from seven different button styles, each with their own options and configurations, to capture the information you need with just a tap or swipe. 

The number of actions you can add to a button depends on the style you’ve chosen, but here’s a full list of available actions: 

  • Attachment—Opens your operating system’s file picker
  • Audio—Creates a new, blank note and begins recording immediately
  • Camera—Opens the camera in Evernote
  • Note—Creates a new, blank note
  • Scan—Opens the camera in Evernote
  • Sketch—Opens the sketch editor
  • Task—Opens the blank task editor
  • Task Note—Creates a new note with a blank task in the note body
  • Template—Opens the Evernote template gallery

Note: Some options require a Premium or Business subscription, but Basic customers can try them all free for 14 days.

Don’t sweat the typos

Maybe your grammar isn’t perfect. Maybe you can’t remember if your meeting was with “Connor,” “O’Connor,” or “oconnor.” No problem, Evernote is smart enough to work out what you want even when there are variations between the text you search for and the actual spelling and punctuation in the note. We call it ‘soft searching’; you’ll call it mind-reading.

What’s back

The new features above help expand what Evernote can do for you, but there are also existing features you’ve grown to love, and that you’ve asked us to bring back. We heard your feedback, and we appreciate your patience while we got them ready for you. Here are a few of your top requests: 

On desktop:

  • Import Folders: This is one of our Windows customers’ favorite features, so we’re happy to bring it back—and now it’s available for Mac as well! Link a folder on your computer to Evernote, then any file you drop into that folder will be added to Evernote automatically.
  • Quick switcher: Type ⌘ + J on Mac and Ctrl + Q on Windows to search for—or switch to—any note, notebook, or tag quickly, no matter where you are in the app.
  • Export options: Export notes as ENEX or HTML files, including single- or multi-page HTML export, or split exports into multiple ENEX files.
  • More context menus: Just right-click headers in the left sidebar to open additional actions.

On mobile:

  • Search filters: Now you can apply search filters right from the Notes view.
  • PDF search: iOS users can now search inside PDF files on their device.

Exclusive to Evernote Business customers:

  • Published notebooks: Once you publish a notebook, anyone in your business can join it, saving you the trouble of sharing it with each person individually. 
  • Search in shared notes: The search functionality now looks for matches in any notes others have shared with you, as well as those you’ve created.

This is just a glimpse at some of the recent functionality we’ve added. For a more complete list, check out our archive of release notes—and make sure you’ve updated to the most recent version today to ensure you have all the latest Evernote features and fixes.

We’re excited for what these latest improvements do to help you manage your busy life, and we look forward to continuing to release updates on a regular basis. Together, they continue to build on Evernote’s original mission of “Remember everything,” to help you do more and accomplish anything.

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