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Your Essential Guide to Going Remote

With more people working remotely, homeschooling for the first time, or trying to decide what projects to tackle with their extra time, we’re all finding ourselves in new and unfamiliar situations. Evernote has collected a series of resources to help you get organized and stay productive—or simply stay sane! No matter what you’re trying to do, it starts with Evernote. 

We’ll be keeping this list up-to-date over the coming weeks, so check back here regularly for additional tools, tips, and tricks.

I want to…

Make ‘work from home’ less work

Whether you’re transitioning to working from home or you’ve been doing it for a while, it can be challenging to stay productive. Get started with our easy-to-use templates and find tips from experts on how to stay on track.

Templates to make remote work easier:

Expert advice and best practices for you and your team:

Updated April 13, 2020:

Updated August 11, 2020:

Stay on top of schoolwork

Whether your classes have gone digital or your kids are at home, Evernote has ideas and resources that can help. Find everything you need to study—class notes, deadlines, research—all synced to every device and ready when you are.

For students:

For parents:

Expert advice and resources for keeping kids entertained, educated, and engaged:

Updated April 6, 2020:

Updated April 13, 2020:

  • Use Scannable to capture the paper in your life quickly and beautifully, transforming it into high-quality scans ready to save or share.

Students and teachers always get 50 percent off a full year of Evernote Premium. 

Take advantage of downtime

For some, more time at home means an opportunity to revisit plans, focus on goals, or get organized. Take advantage of Evernote templates and resources to motivate you to get things done. 

Templates to help you get started or stay focused on your goals:

Expert advice for managing your time and get more done:

Updated April 13, 2020:

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For even more inspiration, join the Evernote Community

Evernote experts in our Community Facebook group are ready to answer your questions and share ideas and solutions.

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Support my local community

Supporting your community and donating your time is easier when you’re organized. Use our Act Locally template to plan your contribution and our Weekly Planner template to manage your time.

Templates to help you focus on making a difference in your community:

Expert advice on how you can support the people and businesses around you:

Evernote Business is available to all qualifying non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations, and educational institutions at a discounted rate

Prioritize my health and wellness

Whether you’re looking to de-stress or stay healthy, these resources can help you focus on what’s most important to you.

Templates to reduce stress, plan workouts, or organize healthy recipes:

Expert advice to inspire prioritizing wellness:

Updated April 13, 2020

Updated April 28, 2020

Adjusting to unfamiliar circumstances can be challenging. Our hope is that you find something in this list to help you manage any uncertainty and focus on what matters in your life.

Have a resource or tip you think we should include? Reach out to us on social media and let us know.

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