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Turn Your Business Card Collection into Salesforce Connections

We launched Evernote for Salesforce in 2013 to make it easy for salespeople to manage client relations and follow-up opportunities. Today, we’re connecting Evernote’s business card scanning features to Salesforce. This is our most-requested feature from sales teams using Evernote Business, and an example of how a small but truly useful innovation can have a big impact on daily work.

Scan Business Cards with Evernote and Salesforce

Business cards—dealing with the modern relic

Let’s face it: business cards are problematic. They’re easy to lose in ones or twos, and when they accumulate, they quickly become hard to manage. In addition, the problem with cards is that we don’t usually get to them until much later, often at the expense of lost opportunities. When we do eventually remember them, we need to set aside time to either file them or manually input all the details into a database. For something so simple as a card, there sure is a lot of accompanying disorder.

Evernote’s updated business card scanner lets you get those new contacts into Salesforce immediately, so you can keep your attention on the important parts of your sales funnel—converting leads to opportunities and closing deals.

From card to CRM in under a minute

Once you’ve connected your Salesforce account with Evernote, simply take a picture of a business card in Evernote on your iPhone or iPad.* Our highly accurate optical character recognition turns physical business cards into editable business card notes.

You then have the option to save the contact details on Salesforce as either a ‘Lead’ or ‘Contact’. Evernote also checks for existing email entries in Salesforce to avoid creating duplicates. That’s it. No more lost cards, no more bulk.

Save Business Cards Scanned with Evernote in Salesforce

The entire process from scanning a business card to creating or updating an entry in Salesforce needs less than a minute, which means you can get to work while you’re still on the trade show floor. Forget about renting expensive scanners and fighting over which lead belongs to whom. With your smartphone and an Evernote Business account, never let a sales opportunity run cold again.

Tip: Works with ScanSnap and Android too

You can of course also scan your business cards into Evernote using a Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner or your Android phone. Once they are in Evernote, go to any business card note in Evernote Web, click the ‘Share’ button, then select the record type you’d like to create in Salesforce.


To use the integration, you will need an Evernote Business account and Salesforce Enterprise or higher. Business card scanning integration with Salesforce is currently available on Evernote Web and coming very soon to iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Visit our Help Center for more information on how to scan business cards into Salesforce.

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