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Scan and Annotate With the New Evernote for Android

Following the release of Scannable, many of you asked us about something similar for Android phones. We’ve wanted that too. Today, we’re proud to present our latest Evernote for Android update with some features we’re sure you’ll love!

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A smarter way to digitize documents

Our latest Android update features a redesigned Evernote camera that makes capturing and managing your shots smoother and better than ever before.

You’ll notice the in-app camera has been streamlined and now consists of simply two photo-capturing modes: a default automatic mode and a manual mode.

Using Evernote Camera to Digitize Files

When you take a picture of a document in automatic mode, Evernote’s in-app camera detects the document’s size and type and calibrates to take the best snap possible. Evernote then processes the image, crops it, and adjusts the contrast for a clear and crisp digital rendering. You don’t need to do anything else—just point the camera and let the app do all the work. Get your update and give it a try.

Images you recently scanned are temporarily kept in a gallery where they’re easily managed. Delete the scans you don’t want with a simple upward swipe, and save the rest to Evernote. You also have the option here of manually selecting the format in which you want to save your scans.

Recently Scanned Documents in Gallery

Tip: Tap on an image in the gallery to open it up in full-screen. Get an even closer look at your scan by using pinching gestures to zoom in and out.

Premium feature: Smarter business card scanning

For all you savvy networkers out there, connecting and following up with your new contacts is a snap with the latest Evernote for Android. Evernote’s in-app camera will detect your scan as a business card and pull all its information into a Business Card note that you can then preview and edit before saving.

But wait, there’s more

The good news doesn’t stop there. This update introduces several neat additions to help you do more in Evernote and sees many quality improvements to the note editor.

Annotating in Evernote for Android

Next to smarter scanning, annotation in Evernote was the most requested feature we heard from you—and now it’s here.

Mark up images directly in Evernote with arrows, shapes, stamps, and text to give precise and speedy feedback. Evernote Premium users can also annotate PDF documents attached to notes.

What’s new in the note editor

Images now automatically adjust to the width of the screen for a more optimized mobile viewing experience. If you use Evernote on a Mac or Windows, your notes will have a consistent look and feel across your devices.

Note Editor Improvements

Speaking of look and feel, we added support for strikethrough, subscript, and superscript formatting styles. Also, double tapping a note lets you quickly edit it.

New organization features

To select multiple notes, long press on a note and then tap on other notes you want to include in your selection—it’s a handy feature for when you need to move, tag, or share several notes at once.

Multiselect Notes

And finally, the ‘Trash’ can now be emptied from Evernote for Android, just in time for spring cleaning!

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