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See How a Japanese Bus Line Rolls Forward with Evernote

We all know the challenge of keeping colleagues up to date in an office setting. When those people have to manage information out in the field, the challenge is that much harder.

Consider the case of the Meihan Kintetsu Bus Co., which operates a fleet of charter and sightseeing buses. They needed a way for all their tour guides to share knowledge with each other and keep up with the latest information from headquarters.

Shared information = happier customers

Their solution? They gave each tour guide an iPad loaded with Evernote Business. The company then created a repository of information, organized by region. The knowledge is constantly updated, always in sync, and easily accessible by their team, anywhere and anytime.

Check out the video above to see how Meihan Kintetsu’s guides upload new photos, details, and customer feedback from the road. Meanwhile, the central office keeps the business rolling smoothly by sharing documents and manuals, all in Evernote Business. The result is a better-informed company and, ultimately, happier customers.

A version of the post originally appeared on the Evernote Japan blog.

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