Have You Ever Set a Reminder to Set a Reminder?

We live in a world flooded with details. Where our grandparents might have just read newspapers and watched television broadcasts, we have media competing 24/7 for our attention. Fighting with that are busy personal schedules, which seem to grow more packed every year. It’s no surprise that you might need to set a reminder for even regular day-to-day activities!

set a reminder
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According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 40 percent of people report periods of forgetfulness. While this percentage naturally increases among older respondents, even many young adults say they need to set a reminder for daily activities.

But don’t feel too bad. Chances are, it’s not that you’re becoming more forgetful; you simply have more to keep track of than you used to. Thankfully, a good organizational app can help you remember everything on your busy schedule.

Wait, what was that again?

The multiple hectic calendars we juggle today overlap as never before. The rise of hybrid work schedules and increased interconnection between different parts of our lives makes it difficult to keep tabs on every little daily activity.

The ideal solution is to set a reminder for specific events. Smartphones can serve as more than just a device for social scrolling, they also provide the tools you need to organize your life. Couple this device with a centralized scheduling app—one that’s easy to use, with customizable features tailored to your needs—and you have a winning formula.

Using the right tool helps

We spend so much time in front of screens these days (whether it’s smartphones, laptops, or other devices), managing calendar apps and various scheduling platforms. Most of these apps are relatively easy to access. Juggling too many, however, quickly becomes counterproductive. Your scheduling blurs into everything else on your plate, and the constant switching between apps means you risk losing track of important plans.

set a reminder
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This is where the right app, with the right set of functions, comes in handy. Reminders don’t work when they’re too difficult to use. Keeping them all in one place where they are easily accessible provides a control hub for your life scheduling.

Power tip: If you have regular to-dos that you create separate notifications for, consolidate them using Tasks in Evernote. Tasks can organize your to-dos on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, keeping them all in one spot so you never lose track of anything.

Set a reminder when and where you need it

Reminder apps have developed exponentially and now offer a wide range of helpful features. You can pack more information into any given note; and adjust times, dates, locations, and directions on the fly. Many apps can even now integrate with each other and provide helpful tools like alerting you when you’re physically near a location on your to-do list or giving you “time to leave” updates, so you can consolidate outings easily.

Power tip: Jotting down on sticky notes is a convenient way to create reminders, but those paper slips very quickly build up or vanish forever. Set digital note reminders in Evernote to build up your list quickly and easily—while ensuring they stay safe with all the other important details of your life.

Remind yourself to remind yourself

set a reminder
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Email is another simple-yet-effective way to shoot yourself a quick reminder. People who use their email inboxes a lot often find this method handy, since you can schedule emails to deliver at specific times. There are drawbacks to the method, however—especially if you rely on it too much. For example, reminders can easily get buried amid more pressing emails from clients or family members. You don’t need every aspect of your life fighting for your attention in your inbox!

Power tip: If you’re an email-dependent organizer, schedule and send copies of notes in Evernote right to your inbox. This sends a snapshot of the full note, with all the actionable details you’ve added—rather than a quick line to then go check yet another platform. You’re more likely to retain the details and act on them if they’re all right in front of you.

All in one place

Reminders are an essential tool for handling some of life’s most basic tasks. However, these days you don’t have to resort to old-school methods like tying a string around your finger or covering a wall in sticky notes; digital apps are here to save the day. Whether it’s a first-tier reminder or a “reminder to set a reminder,” keep track of all your plans in one place. You’d be surprised how much more organized your life will be, saving you time and reducing stress in the process.

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