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Sketching in Notes Arrives on iPad and iPhone

The note is a super flexible creation and collection space. You can write, snap photos, record audio, clip web pages, and add files to it. Today, we’re expanding that functionality on iPhone and iPad to include one of our most-requested features: sketching inside the note.

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Sketching is great for a quick drawing or a handwritten note-to-self. It works with your finger, our Jot Script, and the Apple Pencil. If your device supports 3D Touch, you can change the line weight just by adjusting your writing pressure.

Sketching Triangles and Circles with Formulae

Sync. Edit. Search.
As with most things Evernote, the sketches sync across platforms and continue to be editable. Create a sketch on your iPad then edit it on your iPhone. You can even sync to an Android device and edit your sketch from there, and vice versa. Plus, our handwriting recognition means that you can search and find text inside your scribbles.

How It Works
After updating to the latest version, you’ll see a new pen icon when in a note. Tap it to transform the note area into a canvas. A bar along the top shows your available tools: a pen, highlighter, eraser, and selection tool. Tap twice on the pen or highlighter to choose among five line thicknesses and ten color options.

Click on Pen and Choose Color and Thickness of Pen

When you’re done, the image resizes to fit perfectly inside the note body. You can then continue working inside the note as normal. If you ever want to add something to your sketch just tap on it.

Split screen on iPad

In addition to sketching, Evernote now supports split screen on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4. Swipe your finger from the side and choose another app to run alongside Evernote. This a great way to quickly copy and paste content from one place into another without going back and forth.

Split Screen on iPad

And more

It’s not all about new features. This update also includes numerous fixes and stability enhancements. Let us know what you think of the new features in the comments.

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