Slack, Salesforce, and Evernote: Now on the Same Page

Think of the last time you were able to sit down for an hour or two and truly focus on a project uninterrupted? If you’re having trouble recalling the last time, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The fact is, we’re inundated with information and distractions. A recent report from Udemy showed that 69 percent of full-time employees struggle to cope with distraction at work. Sometimes these distractions are obvious, like meetings, phone calls, etc. But sometimes they’re as subtle as switching back and forth between apps.

That’s why one of the biggest requests around the office is to simplify and look for tools that play well with one another.

Evernote evolves with application integrations

Evernote is more than simply a note-taking app, it has long been the go-to application designed to make staying organized and on-task as easy as possible. It’s flexible, user focused, and friendly. And it likes all kinds of input: handwritten notes, typed notes, photos, images of docs, and audio—not to mention anything you save from the web. And it’s all searchable.

One of the ways Evernote continues to evolve is its ability to work with other applications. According to a UC Irvine Study, refocusing your efforts after an interruption can take up to 23 minutes. When there is less friction between apps and tools, you can reduce distractions and stay focused on what matters most.

Two of our recently updated integrations include Slack and Salesforce, both very robust and well-established apps that have teamed up with Evernote to create one tremendously useful tool.

Evernote Business and Salesforce

Screenshot of Evernote Salesforce integration.The Evernote and Salesforce partnership has evolved into a deeper integration between the two, making it easier than ever to work in both apps simultaneously without interruption.

  • Work the way you want — Salesforce data is highly structured. On the other hand, Evernote is as unstructured as you want it to be. The value in this integration is that now you can access Evernote from within Salesforce. So a highly detailed record in Salesforce can benefit from a direct link with conversations and notes you’ve made in Evernote.
  • Pin it to win it — When you make a note in Evernote and you want it to be seen and read by all your team members using Salesforce, pin it. It will be instantly visible and available within Salesforce. And all notes are tracked within the record’s activity history so managers can easily monitor performance.
  • Two-way sync and search — It doesn’t matter whether you create a note in Evernote or Salesforce, notes in both applications will stay in sync. And everything is searchable in both applications.

Evernote Business and Slack

Screenshot of Slack conversation showing Evernote actions.Slack has picked up serious momentum as the preferred direct messaging service for thousands of businesses. It’s easier to control than email. You can attach docs. Setup channels. And people use it. If you Slack someone, you’ll probably get a response.

With the Evernote Business Slack integration, you get a lot more than a response. You get better ways to communicate.

Our Slack integration takes full advantage of the new visual ‘Actions’ capability in Slack. For example:

  • Make a note to yourself — While in a Slack conversation, you can write a note to yourself without leaving Slack. As your Slack conversation continues, write notes and they will automatically show up in Evernote in a note called “Note to self from Slack.” You can edit them and move them later.
  • Save Slack conversations — There are many times when decisions, information, and to-dos are discussed in detail in a Slack conversation. Now you can save them to Evernote. Clip a single message or an entire conversation and your Slack dialog will be saved in Evernote. Moveable and searchable.
  • Focus on what matters most — Plenty of researchers have looked into what happens to productivity when people are constantly rotating between different tools and apps. One study shows that when you switch from one productivity app to another it can take up to 23 minutes to refocus and move forward with your work.

The Evolution of Evernote

Every Evernote integration is a benchmark in making your business software work better together. Helping you focus on what matters most is part of our DNA. Instead of toggling between apps and figuring out how to keep things in sync on your own, Evernote helps you stay focused on your work, not how to work.

Evernote Teams: Collaborate, share knowledge, move projects forward.

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