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New Features, New Plans, and a Bold Future for Evernote

CEO Ian Small presents our exciting new feature lineup, new subscription plans to fit the way you work, and our vision for a more connected and helpful future.

See How the New Evernote is Getting Better Every Day

Since launching our new apps last year, we’ve been updating them regularly with new features, fixes, and improvements. Here are a few of the recent changes.

Table Editing Comes to Evernote for iOS and Android

Learn more about how we’re making Evernote better on the devices you use every day, including one of your most-requested features: table editing for mobile.

Introducing the New Evernote for Android

Continuing our rollout of app updates, the new Evernote for Android is rebuilt from the ground up to be more intuitive, more stable, and ever more useful.

11 Ways to Save Stuff in Evernote

Photos, emails, Slack conversations, web clips, audio, and more: Whatever your style, there’s a way to save the things you care about to Evernote.

3 Android Superpowers You Need to Try Today

There are now over 3.3 billion smartphones in the world, and 2.7 billion of those are Android devices. Or, to put it another way, over one-third of the world’s population now relies on an Android phone to stay connected, get organized, and feel more in control. So it’s crucial that the experience of using Evernote on Android should be seamless and intuitive. If you’re looking to capture ideas ‘faster than

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Announcing android-job library 1.2.0

Scheduling background jobs on Android is a headache. Not only has Google introduced quite a few APIs over the years, but they’ve also changed their behavior. It’s difficult as a developer to pick the correct framework and to implement all necessary classes properly. In order to use all features from newer APIs and to support older devices at the same time, you need to write a lot of boilerplate code.

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5 Simple Ways to be More Productive with Evernote on Your Phone

For some of us, smartphones have become one of the greatest threats to our productivity. For others, they are the greatest productivity tool ever invented. With Evernote, you can unleash the power of your handheld computer to optimize your productivity.   5 TIPS FOR HOW TO STAY PRODUCTIVE ON THE GO 1. Use Evernote widgets and quick note options Evernote widgets and quick note options were designed for taking notes

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Android-State Library

We at Evernote believe in open source. That’s why we frequently release and contribute to open source projects like Serge, our continuous localization solution, and Android-Job, an Android library to easily handle background jobs. We’re not only giving back some of our work, but we’re also using a couple of open source projects in our own products. One we rely on heavily is Icepick from Frankie Sardo. Icepick is described as “an

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