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Zapier’s New Slack Action Will Power Up Your Life

When communications app Slack first introduced Slack Actions in May 2018, users everywhere rejoiced. Suddenly you didn’t have to remember obscure ‘slash’ commands to integrate with apps like Evernote; it was as simple and painless as clicking a menu item. Now Zapier has joined the party, launching a set of Slack Actions that enable you to connect Evernote with your other favorite apps—such as Airtable, Todoist, and over 1,300 others—all

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IFTTT: (If) You’d Like to Automate Evernote, (Then) You Should Try These

In a busy world, more apps and services often mean more clutter. Ideas get scattered across notes, files, social media posts, and emails. Contacts are in one app, photos in another. Moving information is a pain, if we remember to do it at all. That’s where IFTTT comes in. IFTTT (“If This, Then That,” pronounced “IF-tee”) makes it easy to connect your favorite apps by creating simple recipes known as

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