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CEO Notebook: Say Hello to a Refreshed Evernote

In June, we celebrated an important milestone in our history, our 10th anniversary. Today is another pivotal moment: we are pulling back the curtain on an evolved Evernote mission and a refreshed brand. As CEO of Evernote, I have had the privilege of overseeing a company and set of products that improve people’s lives and work. Every day, we hear from customers and community members who tell us how Evernote

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Practical Uses of Emojis

Emojis are everywhere. You may think they make your communication look juvenile, but actually, they’re not kid stuff at all. Emojis have a rich history, serve a practical role in modern written communication, and are becoming part of the fabric of modern global society. When online communications were new, the Internet was a wild frontier, and nobody, literally nobody, knew how to use it. People got unreasonably upset over perceived

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